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NRL legend Sam Burgess involved in heated tunnel altercation; Warrington Wolves vs Hull FC, interchange loss

Sam Burgess has erupted over a controversial incident in the Super League in the wake of Warrington’s victory over Hull FC.

The legendary English enforcer, who is now head coach at the Wolves, was embroiled in a post-match spat with an opposition official after the 24-6 win.

Burgess barged into Hull’s director of rugby Richie Myler on his way through the tunnel, before continuing out onto the field.

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According to senior rugby league reporter Steve Mascord, Burgess was unhappy with Myler over a team sheet discretion, which saw Adam Holroyd not named in Warrington’s official lineup and cost the side one of their seven interchanges in the match.

Speaking to Sky Sports post-game, Burgess was up in arms over the decision and took aim at the league, calling for accountability over player welfare.

”I don’t know, it was poor management from someone,” he said.

“We named a 21-man squad, it’s on our social media and it’s public, so we’ve got to get it right. We talk about concussion and protecting our players, well tonight you’ve failed.

“Someone needs to be held accountable for that. We had a choice to make before the game and we didn’t make the right choice for the players. If it had been the other way round, I’d have made the right choice for the player regardless.

“We’re living in that world now, so let’s all get on board. Otherwise, what are we doing?”

His fury led to a brief physical altercation with Myler, who raised the minor team sheet issue prior to kickoff, but both parties were separated in quick fashion.

Burgess received some support in the UK, with St Helens legend Jon Wilkin defending the former Rabbitohs star and urged Super League officials not to punish the coach.

“Sport is about passion, we always want people to be passionate and passion overflows … everyone is emotional in life,” he said on Sky Sports.

“We all get emotional about things and that overspills at times. Sam was emotional, Richie is gonna be emotional during his career – we shouldn’t erase emotion out of sport and discredit it. It’s entertainment and whatever you think about that, it’s theatre. 

“He’s a man of his principles – how he plays is who he is. He feels wronged by a situation and we don’t know the details.

“It’s easy to criticise … we weren’t in the situation and Sam is passionate.” 

Burgess has been a revelation since taking over the top job at the Wire, leading the side to a top-four spot in the Super League, and getting the best out of the likes of Matt Dufty and Paul Vaughan throughout the first half of the season.

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