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No more stories for Bárbara Rey, the actress leaves ‘Cuentos Chinos’ after her disagreement with Jorge Javier

Chinese stories suffers a strong blow. Barbara Reywho was going to be one of the program’s most powerful collaborators, has announced that he will not return to the set. This is what the media has told exclusively YOTELE.

As they have explained, everything would have taken place after the encounter that the actress and Jorge Javier Vazquez they had during the interview he gave last Tuesday. In this way, Bárbara would be the first member who decides to leave before even beginning to join.

According to the information on the portal, Rey she felt “disappointed by the direction of the space”led by David Valldeperas, after ensuring that it did not resemble the “white program focused on humor, in which politics and ideology had no place.”

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Susi Caramelo, in 'Chinese Tales'.

The reason for the anger began when Jorge Javier scolded Bárbara for a comment about the controversy of Luis Rubiales: “You’ll see if you want to evolve with society or prefer to stay in the dandruff zone.” A comment that she did not like at all: “Forgive me, I have never been a dandruff nor will I be.”

So, the vedette has decided not to be part of the program that has become famous precisely because of its failure in terms of audience. And since its premiere, it has not managed to exceed 9% of the screen share, far behind other media such as Antena 3, which surpasses it. Although this hard blow does not seem to have affected the presenter, Known for not letting these types of comments pass.

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