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“No matter how much it hurts, I entertain. Six salaries revolve around my bill”

At the center of the controversy after his particular broadcast of the red carpet of the Goya Awards for Play on TVE, Ines Hernand has spoken out after the criticism received.

He has done it in Hour 25, where he reflected on the value of money in society. “At the user level, without being Florentino Pérez, does money give you dignity? Does money give you ethics? Does money give you time back?” asked the Cadena SER collaborator.

So, he has assured thatand confusing money with power is “as dangerous” as putting on the table what is more relevant for a society: agriculture or cinema, the civil guards murdered by a drug boat or the song of Bitch.

Moment of the arrest of María del Monte's nephew, Antonio Tejado.

Then, he has addressed the issue of the workers’ struggle, which, he has pointed out, also arises from a sector such as culture, where only “7%” can make a living from making films. “The existence of theaters, cinema, music, literature and the constant creation of it is not just an expression, it is, as Marc Chagall would say, a state of the soul,” he noted.

“It is born naturally and exclusively from the human being, from the moment he is able to use his voice to sing to his hands to paint, and that, dear listeners, has at least a value. Although in most cases, it is priceless,” Hernand has pointed out about the importance of art.

He also wanted remember the words of García Gallardowho said that the gentlemen are the ones who want to make a living by producing cinematographic works that no one sees later at the cost of millions of euros that the Spaniards pay with effort, to which Almodóvar, “brilliantly,” replied.

“Thank goodness someone comes to explain to us in one line what the welfare state is. Indeed, as much as it hurts some, in my personal case, Although I am not a journalist, I am a communicator and I entertainand I am consumed to laugh with me or at me. Six salaries revolve around the bill I collect.. “It’s that simple,” said Hernand, in clear reference to the criticism he has received since Saturday.

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