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Nina-Marie Daniele Criticizes Brendan Schaub’s ‘Stupid’ Theory On Sneako Sparring Sean Strickland


  • Nina-Marie Daniele criticizes Brendan Schaub’s belief that the UFC orchestrated the Sneako and Strickland sparring session, calling it “stupid.”
  • Schaub counters by pointing out instances of the UFC’s questionable actions, including ownership connection to Power Slap events and treatment of MMA journalists.
  • Sean Strickland expresses interest in accepting Jake Paul’s boxing offer but acknowledges the likelihood of facing legal action from the UFC due to his contract restrictions.

A sparring session between Sean Strickland and social media personality Sneako ignited a heated exchange between Brendan Schaub and Nina-Marie Daniele on social media platforms. UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin intervened to protect Sneako from former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland during the session. Strickland had accepted an invitation from Sneako to box at the UFC Performance Institute, where Sneako endured several hard punches from Strickland.

Despite calls from spectators to stop the match, Strickland persisted until Griffin stepped in. The incident garnered widespread attention and sparked debate over whether Strickland’s actions crossed a line. On a recent episode of his podcast, “The Schaub Show,” Schaub shared his perspective on the Strickland-Sneako controversy, drawing criticism from Daniele.

Nina-Marie Danielle Blasts Brendan Schaub’s ‘Stupid’ Theory

Schaub Is Convinced That The UFC Planned The Viral Sparring Session

Nina-Marie Daniele wrote a responce tweet on X to a clip of Brendan Schaub claiming that the Sneako sparring session with Strickland was orchastrated by the UFC. Daniele wrote the following:

“Here’s the thing about Brendan Schaub, I love the guy. But this take has to be more stupid than Sneako agreeing to spar Sean Strickland lol. @BrendanSchaub do you really think Dana White and the UFC would risk it all for Sneako and @SStricklandMMA ? I have the answer, it’s hell no lmao.”

Brendan Schaub responds to Nina-Marie Daniele dismissing his belief about the UFC orchestrating the Sneako and Strickland sparring session. Schaub acknowledges Daniele’s perspective but counters by pointing out the UFC’s actions, suggesting that it’s not far-fetched to consider their involvement. He highlights instances such as the UFC’s ownership connection to Power Slap events and the treatment of MMA journalists, as well as ongoing lawsuits from former fighters. Schaub maintains his stance while expressing his continued appreciation for Daniele.

“Listen here’s the thing about Nina Marie. Love the girl but she’s new. How long are we gonna pretend the UFC has morals and this is such a reach. Maria you attend every power slap event for starters. Which was created by the ownership of the UFC. Legit mma Journalist are banned for not giving cupcake questions from UFC events. Don’t even get me started on fighter pay. Assuming UFC is open to a YouTuber getting his ass whooped is far from a bad take. A lawsuit doesn’t scare the UFC please look into current lawsuit from over 100 plus former fighters. I can go on how this is far from a “reach” still love ya.”

Sean Strickland Explains Why He Won’t Box Jake Paul

The UFC Will Never Sign Off On The Proposed Boxing Match

Sean Strickland has expressed interest in accepting Jake Paul’s $1 million boxing offer, but he acknowledged the likelihood of facing legal action from the UFC.

Strickland responded to Paul’s offer by proposing a fight in the desert without cameras. However, Strickland’s UFC contract prevents him from participating in fights elsewhere and receiving compensation, thus making it impossible for him to accept Paul’s offer.

Strickland mentioned that Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell informed him that Paul doesn’t generate significant pay-per-view (PPV) sales because his fanbase consists mainly of younger individuals who typically do not purchase PPV events.

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