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“My father was the image of the regime” or “I am not going to leave Mexico”

After failing his appointment with Pablo Motos On September 6, being sick, Miguel Bose he kept his word and visited The Anthill this Tuesday.

The artist He commented on several striking details in his review of his professional and personal career.but also when he told what happened in the robbery he suffered a month ago at his home in Mexico.

The singer’s most notable phrases in The Anthill were:

– “During the assault on my house, something suddenly woke me up, I looked and I am pointed at a pistol with a silencer“.

– “There was no violence, pushing between them, insults towards me, but no physical violence.”

– “Through the intercom, the one who directed everything was a woman.”

– “I took them around the house opening the safes.”

– “The head of the attackers looked at me, recognized me, and told me that he was a fan of mine.”

– “One of the band wanted to do a selfie with mebut they didn’t let him.”

– “The boy they left watching my children was an angel.”

“It was an experience to forget as soon as possible”.

– “My sister and I played to exchange drawings with Picasso and she told him that she didn’t know how to paint.”

– “Physically I am like my motherbut in character I am the same as him, totally Dominguín”.

– “When my parents separate, the rude thing my father does to my mother is to leave her the house in Somosaguas where we had always lived.”

– “My mother had no resources. We cut off the hot water, the heating… They were very ugly years.”

– “I became a star in a matter of hours because I did what no one else did, I danced.”

– “I had a weakness for drugs, which turned into a hobby and then into bigger things.”

– “When consumption moved away from the party and became habitual, I left it there.”

– “Alcohol is the hardest thing to quitit is the most legal poison there is.”

– “I haven’t had anything since 13 years.”

– “The arrival of my children changed my life completely.with them the garden of true love appeared.”

– “Love, which we have in many forms, is not as strong as that which we have for our children.”

“I’m not going to leave Mexico, stop those shitty hoaxes”.

– “My children are happy there and for me it is my second homeland.”

– “Mexico takes care of its artists and those who are from outside who are part of its musical landscape”.

– “In that country they defend you to the death, they protect you and respect you until the last day of your life.”

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