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Mr. Big Wasn’t ‘the One’ for Carrie Bradshaw

Mr. Big is dead. Carrie Bradshaw mourned the death of her husband in season 1 of And Just Like That…, the HBO Max reboot of Sex and the City. As the premiere of season 2 gets closer, fans have learned Carrie will reconnect with her other big love, Aidan Shaw. Feelings about the former flames revisiting their romance are mixed among fans. Some fans think Aidan was always the one, while others argue he’s just a comfortable replacement for Carrie’s true love, John James Preston. Was Mr. Big really “the one” for Carrie, though? We could argue that, despite their marital status, he was never actually the one. 

Carrie and Mr. Big had very different definitions of the perfect relationship 

Carrie and Mr. Big enjoyed exactly one thing together. OK, maybe two. The couple yearned for the maddening cat and mouse game they played for six seasons and sex. While the duo was sexually compatible, they weren’t exactly compatible as life partners. Their needs were just a bit too different to really say they were “the one” for each other. 

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