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More than 100 cities in Spain will establish Low Emission Zones (ZBE) and limit circulation before the end of 2023

In the year 2021 entered the new Climate Change Law is in force developed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition that obliges cities in Spain that have the characteristics that we are going to explain below to have one or more Low Emission Zones.

Therefore, a deadline was established to apply this measure in 2023, but it has been extended until January 2024, month in which all these cities must have one of these zones. The objective that is wanted with this is limit the entry of highly polluting vehicles to the centers of the big cities.

File image of a driver cleaning the interior of his car

How do you know if your city will be among the ZBE?

It is very easy, it only consists of knowing the number of inhabitants it has, since the decree of the Ministry of Ecological Transition obliges the cities with more than 50,000 residents to have a Low Emissions Zone (ZBE) before the end of this year.

All this is done in order to get the older cars and pollutants of the city centre, on the other hand, are the town councils who must be in charge of the operationthe regulation and development of ZBEs, always based on the legal framework created by the Government.

Which autonomous community will have the most ZBE?

ANDALUSIA.-Seville.-González Rojas criticizes the designation of La Cartuja as a Low Emissions Zone
Archive image of the Charterhouse of the city of Seville, which will become ZBE
20M EP

The region that will have the most ZBE will be Andalusia, since will have 30 municipalities that will be forced to create one of these zoness, followed in the ranking by the Community of Madrid with 24 locations and Catalonia with up to 23 cities.

On the contrary, La Rioja and Navarra will only have one Low Emissions Zone which will be located in their respective capitals, Logroño and Pamplona, ​​also in Aragón and Cantabria only two cities They will have to comply with the Government decree. Therefore, up to 53% of the Spanish population will be affected by this measure in their locality.

What cars will not be able to circulate from 2024?

The Government decree specifies that it will be each town council who choose your own Low Emission Zone (ZBE) modelthat is, you can set its size and the tag restrictions that you deem appropriate, since it is only necessary to cover enough space for it to be effective and polluting emissions to be reduced.

Therefore, it is most likely that the cars that do not have an environmental labelthose that are gasoline before 2001 or diesel that were manufactured before 2006, are prohibited from entering these ZBEs.

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