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Moisés is once again one answer away from winning ‘El Rosco’ from ‘Pasapalabra’ with 1,456,000 euros

For the eighth time in 185 programs, Moisés Laguardia He was once again one letter away from taking the pot of Pass wordwhich this Monday was close to a million and a half euros (1,4556,000 euros).

The first time he reached 24 correct answers in the contest Roberto Leal was on May 24, 2023 before Andrea Siu; the last, on January 4, 2024, against Óscar Díaz.

The Riojan was the first to start playing with the 148 seconds accumulated in the day’s program. After three hits, he preferred to give his rival the turn.

Óscar, for his part, had 129 seconds, of which he consumed 51 to achieve a great streak of 10 consecutive hits before deciding to pass the word to his rival.

The Madrid native was the fastest to finish the first lap with 21 hits and 14 seconds, forcing his opponent to achieve a great comeback.

Manel Fuentes, in 'Pasapalabra'.

Moisés surpassed Z with 20 hits and 33 seconds. At that moment came the exchange of turns, since both participants wanted to ensure, if not the jackpot, at least the 1,200 euros for the day’s victory.

Oscar, in 'Pasapalabra'.
Oscar, in ‘Pasapalabra’.

But Óscar made a mistake in the O when he had 21 correct answers, leaving the way a little freer for his opponent. The Madrid native arrived at 22 and decided to stand up.

At that time, Moisés had 21 hits and 26 seconds. The contestant got three more correct to reach 24 correct answers, just one word away from almost 1.5 million euros.

“Surname of the sailor and astronomer who in 1869 was appointed director of the San Fernando observatory, in Cádiz”Leal asked him. The man from Rioja answered “Portillo”, but he was wrong, since he was Pujazón, named Cecilio.

Even so, Moisés won the day’s test and sent Oscar to The blue chairwhere its continuity in Pasapalabra will be played one more day in the next program.

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