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Melissa Gorga’s Ex Business Partner Dishes on Her Alleged Shady Business Practices

The Big Picture

  • Melissa Gorga’s former business partner says she took money from her boutique business.
  • Beard Robinson claims that Gorga did not share an insurance check.
  • Dispute over inventory led to a defamation lawsuit amid their fallout.

Melissa Gorga is not only a housewife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey but she also is someone who has her own business. Gorga opened a few boutique stores named Envy with her then-business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson. But since, the reality star and Robinson have fallen out. Robinson recently appeared on the Beyond the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast talking about their fallout, and Gorga’s alleged shady business practices.

She claims that Gorga would pay herself from the drawer and would use the company card for her own personal use. She also says boutique clothes were damaged at one point, and they had to file an insurance claim. Robinson’s husband gave them a $10,000 check to help them cover things.

“There was like $10,000 worth of damage to the clothes. You can’t store too much there. But it ruined about $10,000 worth of clothes. And it takes forever for an insurance company to reimburse you,” Robinson explained. “She went on to say that the check was deposited into the business account and Gorga was supposed to get 20% of it. “And it takes forever for an insurance company to reimburse you… Just so you know, my husband was nice enough to say [that] we’ll give Melissa 20% of it. She took the check, and we never got any of it. How that happened? I still don’t know.”

Robinson added: “It burns me because we were nice enough to offer you, even after the store is settled and done, to give her 20% of it, and they took it.” Unfortunately, Robinson says things went from bad to worse.

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Melissa Gorga and Her Ex Business Partner Fought Over Alleged Stolen MerchandiseMelissa Gorga's profile shot for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14

Part of Gorga and Robinson’s falling out came from Gorga claiming that Robinson stole inventory. It led to Robinson and her husband suing Gorga for defamation, but the case ended up getting lost in the shuffle during COVID (according to Beard Robinson). Still, they could not recover from that.


Melissa Gorga Says ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Fans are In For a Twist In Season 14

More on how the next installment will see the housewives being divided into two groups!

“Because when she said that, you’re not gonna recover from that. She’s gonna tell her side of the story, and I’m never gonna tell my side of the story. I’m always gonna be like, people are gonna be like this lady could be a thief. You know, she was kind of on The Housewives, and she’s a little shady.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs every Sunday on Bravo at 8 PM EST, with next-day streaming on Peacock.

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