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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo Cr: Dennis P. Mong Jr. / Paramount +)

The opening scene of Paramount+’s Mayor of Kingstown season two episode 10 – the season finale – confirms Robert is gravely injured but still alive. Episode nine ended with Bunny’s men brutally assaulting the SWAT team leader, and Mike pulling up just as they raced away.

Robert’s hooked up to machines as his fellow officers gather outside his room. Kyle (Taylor Handley) is concerned Robert isn’t going to make it, as Stevie (Derek Webster) and Ian (Hugh Dillon) try and figure out which of Robert’s enemies could be responsible. Mike (Jeremy Renner) doesn’t reveal that Bunny’s behind the beating.

Kyle pulls his brother aside to let him know Tracy left. Kyle confesses that he’s worried for their safety now that Robert’s been attacked. If the man who gives the beatings is clinging to life, how can any of the rest of them feel safe?

Mike tells his brother he should go be with Tracy and asks Ian to give him updates if Robert’s condition changes.

Mike heads off for his midnight meeting with Milo in the park, but he’s delayed when he’s forced to stop at a railroad crossing. A car pulls up behind him and three Aryan Brotherhood thugs jump out, riddling his car with bullets.

Mike bides his time and waits until the shooting stops before making his move. He takes out the first one easily enough but is forced out of the car to handle the remaining two. The second one goes down when Mike shoots his leg from under the car and follows that up with a kill shot. The third one meets his end while standing at the front of the car.

It’s 12:03am when the attack finally ends, and Mike’s missed his meeting. He drives off in his attackers’ car, leaving his own vehicle and the three dead gang members behind by the railroad tracks.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
Emma Laird as Iris in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo Cr: Dennis P. Mong Jr. / Paramount +)

Meanwhile, Miriam (Dianne Wiest) jerks awake when she hears a loud bang outside. She grabs a gun and steps into the backyard just as Iris steps out of one of the sheds. Iris (Emma Laird) claims she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

PTSD is keeping Kareem (Michael Beach) up at night and he tells his wife, Vanessa, “they took it.” He can’t get back to where he was before and doesn’t feel like he’s there for her or the kids. Mike calls and they both ignore it. Vanessa suggests they leave and take the kids away from Kingstown.

Mike calls again and this time Kareem answers. Mike asks if he heard about Robert – and he didn’t. Kareem appreciates that Robert saved him but he’s done being a part of that world. He just wants to do his job and forget about it once he gets home.

Mike’s pissed at Kareem’s dismissive attitude and explains he just got shot at by ABs. He needs Kareem’s help, but Kareem is not going to let himself be pulled into this mess.

Mike’s next call is to Ian. He asks Ian to clean up the mess, and Ian almost seems more upset about the Lincoln getting destroyed than the three ABs or Mike’s near-death experience. Ian promises to make it all disappear.

Mike drives like a bat out of hell over to Bunny’s headquarters. He holds one of Bunny’s men at gunpoint as he barges onto the roof and confronts Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa). Bunny pretends not to know what Mike’s upset about, and Mike makes the extremely dangerous move of pointing his gun at Bunny’s head.

Bunny orders all of his men off the roof so he can deal with Mike alone. If they hear gunfire, they should kill Mike.

The situation de-escalates as soon as they’re alone. Mike says there’s a sea of blue at the hospital and they view this as a declaration of war. Bunny replies, “If it’s a war they want, it’s a war this motherf**ker’s gonna get.”

Mike warns that the cops want trophies and he can’t stop them. He also warns that If Robert dies, everything changes between them. Bunny says he’s got love for Mike, but he will take him out if it comes to that.

That situation’s barely wrapped up when Mike gets a call from his mom. Milo (Aidan Gillen) grabs her phone and Mike explains he was forced to miss the meeting and didn’t have Milo’s phone number to touch base. He’s got what Milo wants and says he’s on his way home now.

Mike calls Kyle and tells him Milo’s at their mom’s. Kyle needs to head there now and “come in quiet.”

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky and Hugh Dillon as Ian in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo Cr: Dennis P. Mong Jr. / Paramount +)

Mike pulls up near the house and a few minutes later Kyle pulls up behind him. Kyle’s got Ian with him for backup, and it’s only at this point that Mike realizes he left the bag with the bonds in his shot-up car.

Mike enters the house with his hands up, claiming to be unarmed. Milo assures Mike he has more men in the kitchen, so he shouldn’t try anything stupid.

Milo asks for his bonds and Mike claims they’re in the car outside. He also explains he had to face a lot of hurdles to make this meeting including a hurt cop and being ambushed by the AB. Milo doesn’t think that Iris killing Joseph and then showing up at Miriam’s on the same night Mike faced hurdles is a big coincidence.

Milo grabs Iris’s arm, forcing her to come with him outside. At the same time, Kyle’s making his move and attacking one of Milo’s men. Milo hears a noise from outside and one of his guys looks out the door to find its source.

Shots ring out as Ian and Kyle go after Milo and his men. Mike picks up a gun and tries to lead his mom from the room. Unfortunately, at least one of Milo’s men is still alive and he and Mike begin exchanging gunfire. Kyle makes his way inside to help his brother and they team up to take down the last of Milo’s guys.

Miriam was hit during all the gunfire and Kyle goes crazy, realizing he accidentally shot his mom. Mike’s able to calm him down enough to help move their mom to the car. Ian leads the way to the hospital, lights flashing and siren blaring.

The bullet is near her spine, but it didn’t puncture her lung or heart. Ian tells Mike and Kyle that their mom’s unconscious and being prepped for surgery. Ian’s sure she’ll pull through because she’s tough.

Mike assures his brother no one will ever know he shot their mom. It was an AB gun (Mike brought it in from the car) and no one will ever connect the bullet to Kyle. Ian agrees that they’ll blame the shooting on one of Milo’s goons.

Mike reminds his brother he has a child on the way and that he’s a good man. He orders his brother to not let this define him.

Mike’s able to get Kyle to laugh when he says their mom’s going to ground Kyle forever once she wakes up.

But Mike’s not done with this horrible night just yet. Milo brought this to his family and into their home, and Mike’s going to end this now.

Ian chases after Mike as he’s leaving the hospital. Mike agrees Ian can put out an escaped prisoner alert on Milo and even get a helicopter up searching for him. But Mike insists he’s going to be the one who takes down Milo.

Mike and Ian’s first stop is at Milo’s club and Tatiana (Gratiela Brancusi) tries to play it cool, earning a warning from Mike that he’ll make the club the favorite hangout of cops and gangs. Tatiana finally gives in and calls Milo, and Mike takes the phone and demands a meeting.

Milo agrees to give Mike one last chance and sets a meeting for one hour. If Mike brings anyone, they’ll die.

“If I don’t kill him, he’s coming after you,” says Mike. Tatiana is smart enough to know that, and Mike suggests she grab her baby and leave. She’s not worried and claims she has friends who’ll take care of her.

Mike tells Ian to call his friends and tell them about the meeting.

Kyle’s sitting by his mom’s bed when Tracy (Nishi Munshi) calls and says she’s coming back. Tracy asks him to kiss Miriam for her and tell her she loves her.

Mike calls Carney (Lane Garrison) at the prison to find out the status of the AB guards now that CO Davidson’s dead. (Remember, Mike killed him in episode eight.) Mike tells Carney it’s going to happen tonight.

Raphael (D Smoke), Bloods leader Dedrick (Marcus Brandon), and a few other men head to Gunner’s cell. Carney watches via the security cameras and once they’re in place, he opens the Aryan Brotherhood leader’s door. They jump Gunner and stab him repeatedly as Raf snarls, “Message from the Mayor, mother*ker.”

Ian had the cops wait to take away Mike’s car, and they make it to that crime scene to retrieve the bag of bonds. From there they drive to the harbor for the meeting. They park a short distance away and Mike points out a spot for Ian to set up with a long gun. If anything goes sideways, Ian should start shooting.

Ian watches through the scope as Mike grabs the bag and heads to the meeting. Mike’s stopped by two of Milo’s minions and checked for guns. They grab the bag and escort Mike to a boat where Milo and Iris are waiting. Milo checks the bag, confirms his bonds have been returned, and then hands over Iris.

Mike and Iris are escorted back off the boat while Milo remains behind. Milo tells the two men with Mike and Iris to keep them at gunpoint until the boat pulls away. After that, they can do what they want.

The boat takes off and Milo’s men order Mike and Iris to stop. Ian knows it’s go time and gets ready to shoot. Suddenly, the boat explodes and Ian takes out one of Milo’s men. The thug drops his gun and Iris retrieves it and fires three shots into the other man.

Mike puts a few finishing shots into the man Ian shot and then sits by Iris on the dock to watch the boat burn.

Mike’s voice-over wraps up season two.

“Kingstown sits on the edge of Lake Michigan, surrounded by almost a million acres of forest. Trapped by resources it can not extract, it resembles an island more than anything,” says Mike.

The only resource worth selling in Kingstown is the town’s failure; Kingstown’s allure is its prison labor.

“If failure of society could be distilled into one city, this would be the city,” explains Mike.

The season two finale ends with Robert and Miriam still clinging to life in the hospital. And Mike, after pulling off this series of power moves, once again lays claim to the title of Mayor of Kingstown.

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