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Manuel destroys Inma in the first ‘Rosco’ of ‘Pasapalabra’ without Óscar or Moisés

After the hurricane of the boat achieved by Óscar Díaz last Wednesdaythis Thursday, Roberto Leal received in Pass word to two new contestants: Inma and Manuel.

Both They took the place of the champion and Moisés Laguardia to compete in his first Rosco in search of a boat that returned to its beginning with 100,000 euros and that will increase by 6,000 euros every day.

The first to start playing was the Madrid native, which achieved 135 seconds during the day’s program. Manuel chained together an impressive streak of 17 consecutive correct letters, leaving Leal speechless.

His opponent did not let himself be intimidated and he consumed 31 seconds of the 131 he had on his scoreboard to answer six questions that the presenter asked him before speaking.

Inma, in 'Pasapalabra'.
Inma, in ‘Pasapalabra’.

Manuel was the first to reach Z with 23 hits and 21 seconds of time. But, although he was close to the boat, He preferred to stand because he was not sure of the answers to R and X..

The woman from Marbella, for her part, finished the first round with 21 hits and 21 secondsand continued playing in search of a draw or victory against Manuel.

After getting one more right, no time ran out without solving G, R and Xproclaiming Manuel as the first winner of this new batch of contestants.

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