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Maite Galdeano does not apply the advice she gives to her daughter, Sofía Suescun: “The little bow, well placed”

Sofia Suescun and Kiko Jimenez They spent an idyllic night in Cayo Paloma, reward they got after beat the record of the girl on the infernal Ferris wheel of Survivors during the last gala.

After seeing the images where they showed affection and love, Jorge Javier Vazquez couldn’t help but congratulate Maite GaldeanoSofía’s mother and Kiko’s mother-in-law: “How have you raised your daughter! You are God’s chosen one. It shows that you have been giving love and good advice“.

Maite accepted the compliment with good grace and shared the advice she has always given her daughter. “Always I tell him that the little bow is well tied, well placed and let no one take it away,” he explained.

Jorge Javier wanted to know what he meant by ‘the little bow’. “It is the same“Maite stated, making the audience burst into laughter, as did the collaborators and the presenter. “This is how couples stay together best, and sleeping separately,” the comedian added.

Maite Galdeano in 'Querido Hater', Malbert's podcast.

The surprise came when Vázquez insisted on whether she followed her own advice. “No, not to me“Galdeano revealed, making people laugh even more.

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