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“Living in a Spain with several languages ​​is lucky”

The PP spokesperson, Borja Semper, has alternated between Basque and Spanish in his speech at the first plenary session with co-official languages ​​held in the Congress of Deputies this Tuesday. With the deputies of Vox back in the chamber after abandoning it in protest of the use of Galician by the socialist deputy Besteirothe use of Basque by Sémper has caused a second abandonment of the far-right formation.

“My children speak Basque and the president of my party speaks Galician,” said the popular to defend the plurality of the PP. Semper has asked “prudence” to the BNG spokesperson for speaking “on behalf of the Galicians with a single deputy.”

In his turn to speak, Sémper stressed that “living in a Spain with several languages ​​is fortunate”, while defending that “It is absurd to despise a common language“, which is why he has charged against the reform of the regulations proposed by socialists and nationalists “forcing deadlines in a disrespectful manner with this chamber.”

ERC spokesperson, Gabriel Rufián, speaks at the first plenary session of Congress SPAIN CONGRESS

“All this because this is how it was imposed in a negotiation between the socialist party and the nationalist parties,” he stated. “Sánchez needs the votes of the independentistas, that is why we are here and we all know that“, has said.

Sémper’s use of Basque occurred a day after he assured that he was not going to use co-official languages ​​because he was not going to do “the cinnamon” or “strange things”and ensure that they would speak in Spanish because they want the Spanish to understand them and not turn the Lower House into a “sounding board” of deputies for deputies.

In this sense, the PNV spokesperson in Congress, Aitor Estebanreacted this Tuesday after hearing Sémper intervene from the Congress platform in Basque on his account on the social network X (previously, Twitter): “Well it seems that Semper has finally, in his own words, made the cinnamon“, He has written.

To make cinnamon you don’t need to speak Catalan“Rufián also pointed out before the plenary session of Congress, where he argued that also in the European Parliament everyone could speak in English because it is the language in which they understand each other between the different countries, but they do it in their own language, among other things. because “it is likely that in Europe they do not suffer from the same fragile and toxic patriotism” that in his opinion many deputies suffer from.

Borja Sémper has addressed Gabriel Rufián to remind him of the “trap” of nationalism, which calls for plurality in Congress, when “in Catalonia they do not allow children to attend school in their mother tongue.” “What you are doing here today is attacking what is common,” she concluded.

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