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Landon Barker Addresses Who ‘Friends With Your EX’ Song Is About

Landon Barker is not trying to “be a d—k” with his new single, “Friends With Your EX,” even though the song appears to be about girlfriend Charli D’Amelio’s ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson.

“It’s kind of just like a take how you want it type of thing, you know,” Barker, 19, said on the Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” podcast earlier this month, playing coy. “Just take it as you want it. I’m not gonna, like, stick it and put it to a certain situation.”

Barker first teased the track — set to be released on Friday, September 22 — in a TikTok video earlier this month. After revealing the title, fans were quick to speculate that the song was about Hudson, 21.

When Barker and D’Amelio, 19, started dating in 2022, some social media users threw shade at their relationship because of the singer’s close friendship with Hudson. Barker and Hudson both starred in Machine Gun Kelly‘s 2021 Downfalls High movie together. They were also photographed together at Landon’s dad Travis Barker’s wedding to Kourtney Kardashian in May 2022.

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Shortly thereafter, D’Amelio and Barker started sparking romance rumors. They went public in June 2022.

On Landon’s end, there’s “no bad blood” between himself and Hudson — even despite the D’Amelio drama.

“My song isn’t necessarily a shot at him, it’s more about my side of everything. I didn’t make this song intentionally to be a d–k or whatever,” Landon explained on the “BFFs” podcast. “I more made it to just explain my side of how it is when you end up falling in love with somebody you’re not technically supposed to.”

Landon went on to say that he and Hudson “were kind of growing apart as friends” when he and D’Amelio met.

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“I, kind of, just took a shot at it,” he added. “It ended up going well, you know.”

D’Amelio and Hudson dated on and off from 2019 until 2022.

Fans got their first insight into Landon and D’Amelio’s relationship on her reality show last year.

“People are trying to say that we’ve been seeing each other since February,” D’Amelio said. Landon added, “Me and Chase were friends. Obviously, it’s all love to Chase. I have nothing against him, but it wasn’t like we loved each other like brothers and I betrayed him. That’s not what happened.”

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