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‘La Mosca’, the Marseille drug lord who escaped in the robbery of the van in France and who has gone so far as to order murders in Spain

The French authorities have launched a major police operation to try to find the perpetrators of the murder of two prison officers, in an attack in which a detainee was released that was being transferred. “Being done everything possible to find the perpetrators of this crime and ensure justice is done on behalf of the French people,” said the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Aboard two vehicles, four men dressed in black, hooded and armed attacked the convoy of two vans that were transporting a prisoner. French television has broadcast images of the assault, in which it can be seen how a black vehicle takes advantage of the toll to collide head-on with the van that opened the march of the convoy.

Four men broke into the vehicle and managed to free the prisoner and escape.

The assailants exited the vehicle, They shot the prison officers with long weapons and they opened the door for the prisoner to come out. Two officers died and three were injured, two extremely seriously. The inmate and the assailants fled. “They are people for whom life has no value. They will be found and punished in a manner proportional to the crime,” Macron assured.

Mohamed Amra, ‘The Fly’

Was the prisoner so important? As reported by the National Jurisdiction for the Fight against Organized Crime, the released prisoner is Mohamed Amra, 30 years old. Known as ‘The Fly’, He was convicted of robbery last week.

Amra was being transferred back to the Evreux penitentiary center after being questioned by judges in the morning for an attempted murder near the city of Rouen, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office explained. According to the newspaper Le Dauphiné Liberéthe prisoner tried to saw the bars of his cell over the weekend and to hide his intentions he had stuck red adhesive tape.

He ordered the killing of a man in Spain

He was not classified as a “specially guarded prisoner.” However, its level of surveillance had recently been raised to “escort 3”, which means that a greater number of prison officials were required to supervise their movements, according to the newspaper. Le Parisian. It remains to be seen whether this was fulfilled in his transfer on Monday.

‘La Mosca’ is also accused of a voluntary homicide committed in 2022 near Marseille, within the framework of a drug trafficking investigation. That is the question: Amra is a powerful drug lord. According to the French press, he is linked to a gang operating in Marseille and is suspected of having ordered more than one murder.

The escaped prisoner is being investigated for attempted murder in an organized gang in the town of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. He also, according to the Parisian newspaper, was involved in the attempted murder of a French citizen in Spain, in Marbella specifically, on July 18, 2023. ‘La Mosca’ would have ordered the murder while he was detained in the Santé prison (Paris).

“How can lives be taken like that?”

Images of the ambush have shocked public opinion in France. Even Amra’s mother and lawyer have expressed their dismay at what happened. “I broke down, I cried, it was so bad, “How can lives be taken in this way?” the woman said.

Lawyer Hugues Vigier told the press that he would like to believe that his client did not know about the plan to free him: “That would not change the tragedy that occurred, but As a lawyer I want to believe that he did not plan this escape. To me, this plan doesn’t match what I know about it. “If he’s behind this, then I didn’t understand who he is.”

Marseille, gateway for drugs

Last year, around 50 people were killed in drug-related shootings in Marseille, the large city in southern France. The Senate recognizes that the situation created by the expansion of illegal drug trafficking throughout the country It is very alarming.

According to a report released the same day Amra escaped, many of the Leaders of French drug gangs are untouchable. They run their businesses from abroad, mainly from North Africa and the Middle East. The Senate calls for urgent new measures to address the problem.

The prosecutor of the Marseille region, Nicolas Bessone, admitted this Monday on French television France 2that drug trafficking gangs have become so powerful and rich that they are iinfiltrating the State, corrupting public officials of the Administration of Justice of Marseille.

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