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Knowing Basque, the “essential” condition to be a waiter at La Cartuja during the Copa del Rey final that generates controversy

On Saturday they will face each other at the La Cartuja stadium (Seville) he Athletic Club of Bilbao and the Real Club Deportivo Mallorca for the final of the Copa del Rey. The event plans to bring together thousands of people in the Andalusian city and, therefore, requires the hiring of reinforcement personnel to be able to provide services, especially in the field of hospitality. One of the search ads for waiters from the recruitment company Nortempo has caused controversy on social networks for one of the conditions: speaking Basque.

The vacancies are presented as an opportunity to be part of “something incredible” and they add that they are looking for waiters who are “charismatic and passionate about customer service.” Next, they point out that it is “essential to speak Basque.” In exchange for working on April 5 and 6, They offer a “competitive” salary and an experience that will leave a “mark” in memory, apart from being able to participate in future projects.

Social networks have echoed the announcement and the first criticisms have not been long in coming. One of the complaints comes from a woman from Seville who has said on X (formerly Twitter) that her nephew, who is looking for work, He came to apply for the vacancy and was “a surprise.” The majority of the 160 users who have commented on the publication describe the condition as “discriminatory” or “unnecessary” because “the people from Athletic have no problem ordering a beer in ‘Andalusian’ nor do those from Mallorca.”

Waiters who can serve in Basque

Given the multitude of criticisms, the company has pointed out that the offer corresponds to those people who are going to carry out their tasks in the fanzone where the Bilbao team fans will be located, and that, for this reason, they look for people who can assist them in Basque. Ángel Vidal, Corporate Director of Operations at Nortempo has intervened in Espejo Público to try to reduce the controversy.

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The manager clarified that, although the linguistic level was announced as “essential”, it was finally evaluated as something “valuable” and that they were aware that Finding 400 Andalusians who master the language is “complicated.” Finally, he declared that he was not aware of the number of employees who speak the Basque regional language and has assured that there are also Sevillians who have prepared “an express Basque course.”

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