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Katie Maloney slept with this ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast member for ‘revenge’

Brock Davies dropped a bombshell during Tuesday’s “Vanderpump Rules.”

The reality star told Tom Schwartz that his co-star’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney, allegedly slept with his best friend Max Boyens.

“Can I tell you the truth? We were partying the other night, and Katie left with somebody in your friend group,” Davies, 32, told Schwartz, 41.

“Katie left with somebody in your friend group,” Davies told Tom Schwartz on Tuesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” musickillskate/Instagram
Davies claimed that Maloney hooked up with his “boy” Max Boyens. Bravo

The two had been talking about how Maloney got upset when she found out Schwartz kissed Scheana Shay – who is now married to Davies – while they were still dating over 10 years ago.

Schwartz looked shocked by the revelation, saying, “Wait, what? What? Wait, who is it?”

“It’s your boy, bro,” Davies said in response.

Schwartz thought about people in his inner circle for a second before asking if it was Boyens, who starred on “Vanderpump Rules” during Season 8.

Schwartz immediately looked confused and a little sad. Bravo
Schwartz referred to Boyens as a “very good buddy” of his. Getty Images for James Mae

“Yeah, she f–ked your best friend,” Davies further alleged.

Schwartz continued to appear stunned and explained that Boyens used to be the manager at Tom Tom, the restaurant he runs with Tom Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump.

“He’s also a very good buddy of mine. Yeah, this has all the tell-tale signs of a revenge bang,” Schwartz claimed in a confessional.

“This has all the tell-tale signs of a revenge bang,” Schwartz said of his ex-wife. musickillskate/Instagram
Davies noticed Maloney and Boyens were “getting close” at a party. issamaximillian/Instagram

Davies explained that he was recently at a party with Shay and Maloney when he noticed Schwartz’s ex “getting close” with Boyens. He claimed they even seemed to “leave together.”

Afterward, Shay checked Boyens’ location both later that night and the next morning and saw that he was at Maloney’s apartment.

“Max?” Schwartz asked again while staring to the side and looking confused. “Max?”

Meanwhile, Scheana Shay got mad at her husband for spilling the secret. Instagram/@brock__davies
“Katie and I are in a good place, like, what the f–k are you doing?!” she asked in a confessional. scheana/Instagram

Meanwhile, when Shay, 38, found out her husband told Schwartz about the alleged hookup, she immediately got upset.

“Katie and I are in a good place, like, what the f–k are you doing?” she asked in a confessional.

In another scene, Shay and Davies were hanging with the rest of the “Vanderpump Rules” group when everyone questioned why Shay looked so irritated.

Davies and Shay joined the rest of their friends, and Davies told Maloney about his confession. Bravo
Maloney seemed to confirm that Boyens came to her place, but it’s unclear if the two actually hooked up. musickillskate/Instagram

“She’s upset, because I spoke to Schwartz about last night’s interaction with you and Max,” Davies told the group while looking at Maloney.

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Maloney, 37, looked stunned and asked him, “What are you talking about? So, Max came over to my place afterwards? OK? What’s the deal?”

Davies fired back that there was “no deal,” but he was “just letting him know his best friend was at his ex-wife’s house.”

“What’s the deal?” an irritated Maloney asked Davies. musickillskate/Instagram
Maloney reminded Davies that only a few months after they separated, Schwartz was kissing Rachel Leviss. raquelleviss/Instagram

“Why does he need to know about it?” Maloney wondered, since she and Schwartz are divorced.

Davies brought up how Schwartz “got his ass rammed” for the revelation that he and Shay kissed over a decade ago, but Maloney “went to his best friend.”

“When I asked him like three months into our separation not to f–king f–k a friend in this group, he did not give a single f–k about what I thought, so,” Maloney pointed out.

Maloney was referring to Schwartz making out with former co-star Rachel Leviss several times after their breakup, despite Maloney asking him to not pursue any of their friends.

Boyens has yet to address the alleged hookup. issamaximillian/Instagram
“By the way though, kinda f–ked up of Max,” Lala Kent chimed in. issamaximillian/Instagram

“By the way, though, kinda f–ked up of Max,” Lala Kent chimed in. “They are f–king thick. They’re best friends. This group is f–king weird.”

The episode ended with Maloney being upset with both Shay and Davies – and everyone else in the cast still in the dark and confused.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo and is also available to stream via Peacock the following day.

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