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Junqueras warns that he will not renounce unilateralism and affirms that the amnesty already appears in the agreement of the Congressional Board

The leader of CKD, Oriol Junqueraswarned the PSOE this Tuesday that his party will not renounce unilaterality “in any case” in a future amnesty law because it is, he said, a “democratic right”. At the same time, he has assumed that the agreement that the Republicans signed with the Socialists for the constitution of the Congressional Board already included that amnesty.

“We are convinced that the best way to defend democratic rights is by exercising democratic rights, and it is evident that voting is in no case a crime“, Junqueras remarked to journalists at the doors of the Congress of Deputies, where he went to witness the debate on the reform of the Regulation in which co-official languages ​​will be used for the first time.

In this sense, he stressed that “the amnesty should include all those who have been unjustly persecuted for having done something that, in no case, was a crime because it was not included in the Penal Code”.

Therefore, Junqueras maintains that the amnesty should serve to “put justice where there is injustice.” “Since we all know that calling and holding a referendum is not a crime, because It is not included in the Penal Code“The amnesty must serve to restore justice to those who have committed an injustice,” he added.

Asked at this point if some type of figure of repentance would be a red line for ERC, Junqueras responded that I wouldn’t understand that “no one should repent” “On the contrary, those who should repent are those who have impeded such basic democratic rights as, for example, the right to vote,” he stressed.

However, Junqueras has assumed that the agreement that his party signed with the PSOE for the constitution of the Congress Board, by which Francina Armengol was elected president, already included the amnesty. “That agreement already specified that all forms of repression had to end. with all the necessary legal measures, and we are convinced that the legal measures to put an end to the repression obviously include amnesty,” he noted.

What the agreement signed a few hours before the constitution of the Lower House said verbatim was that the parties committed to continue advancing through all possible paths, exploring the “legal avenues”, for what the independentists call “dejudicialize” the “political conflict” derived from the illegal referendum of October 2017.

When asked if he believes there can be an agreement for a hypothetical investiture of Sánchez without the amnesty, the Catalan republican leader has insisted that if the agreement that exists at this time already includes the amnesty, “it is evident that the agreement must include” this legal figure.

And so, Junqueras has taken advantage of the microphones to call on Junts to agree to join the negotiation with the Government because he believes it would facilitate the talks. “Let’s hope that he wants to coordinate at some point and wants to definitively join this path,” said the ERC leader, highlighting the achievements achieved by his party to date, such as “getting prisoners out of jail, reforming the Penal Code to suppress the crime of sedition or reform the crime of embezzlement”.

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