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Jorge Salvador is outraged because they wanted to translate ‘El Hormiguero’ with AI to broadcast it in the United States

At the end of January, Jorge Salvadordirector of The Anthill and partner of Pablo Motos in the production company 7yaction, received the Rose d’Or Latino award in Miami which they were awarded as best variety program.

The presenter was ‘indignant’ because his partner had gone to Miami for a week: “Those awards are given there at the same time there is an international market where programs are sold and bought“Salvador explained.

We have sold 200 programs The Anthill to be broadcast in the United States. “It’s already closed.” And he told Motos that “it’s not that we are going to do the program there with another presenter, you are going to go out there.”

Pablo Motos and Jorge Salvador, in 'El Hormiguero'.
Pablo Motos and Jorge Salvador, in ‘El Hormiguero’.

This Monday he explained a curiosity about that deal: “A network there that broadcasts in Spanish was interested in buying The Anthill and we sold that number of programs.”

“In the middle of the conversations, they told us that there would be the possibility, Through artificial intelligence, translate the program into neutral Spanish“he commented.

“It is a Spanish that is used on American television, which is a mixture of Colombian, Mexican, Argentine… It is the language of Disney movies“Salvador explained.

Director of The Anthill He acknowledged that the proposal “incensed me. “I told them that wasn’t possible, and they still took the deal and we sold all 200 programs.”

“I went to the hotel and I thought that with AI I could change Pablo’s language and tone, I found it very interesting. I called an artificial intelligence company to do it,” commented the Catalan, who showed the images of how Motos would look speaking in English or French.

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