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Jenelle Evans Claims Kids Can ‘Take Care of Themselves’ in Stunning Facebook Comment

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‘Teen Mom 2’ fans are debating whether Jenelle Evans was serious when she said her kids can take care of themselves.

Jenelle Evans is back on social media, and she isn’t making many friends. In the last few months, Evans has been criticized by her social media followers for everything from her treatment of her mother to how she continues bashing her former Teen Mom 2 co-stars. A new comment, however, has even her fans shaking their heads. Jenelle Evans recently suggested her kids are capable of taking care of themselves. Whether she was trolling commenters or not is being debated. 

Jenelle Evans claims her kids can take care of themselves 

While Evans is known for saying outlandish things on Facebook and Instagram to troll followers, a recent comment has followers livid. Several days ago, Evans took to Facebook to bemoan being dragged in the comments of a previous post. Followers took to the comments section to suggest Evans shift her focus away from social media and onto her children. 

Jenelle Evans appears in court during an episode of 'Teen Mom 2'
Jenelle Evans | MTV/YouTube

Instead of ignoring the comments, Evans opted to clap back at her haters. She replied to one Facebook commenter who suggested she focus on her kids by telling them her children can take care of themselves. Reddit users have been debating the comment and its context since it first appeared. While some believe Evans was trying to be “edgy” and troll commenters, others think the mother of three believes her children are old enough to care for themselves.

While Evans’ recent comment has angered Teen Mom 2 fans, it is far from the most controversial thing she’s said recently. Last month, Evans claimed she had a similar upbringing to Gypsy Rose Blanchard. She also said she was working on a documentary that would expose “everyone.” 

How old are Jenelle Evans’ children? 

Jenelle Evans is the mother of three children, but only her two youngest children currently live with her. Her oldest son, Jace Evans, spent most of his childhood living with Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mother. In March 2023, Jenelle was granted custody of Jace, who is now 14. In October, the teen had accused Evans’ husband, David Eason, of abuse. Jace was removed from the home. Eason’s criminal case is ongoing. 

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser Griffith are seen in the Central Park on November 22, 2015
Jenelle Evans and her son, Kaiser Griffith | Alo Ceballos/GC Images

Evans’ second child, Kaiser Griffith, 9, was born in June 2014. Kaiser is Evans’ only child with ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Griffith has not had contact with his son in recent years, although he did have temporary custody of Kaiser in 2019. All children living in the home were removed by child protective services in 2019 after the shooting death of the family dog. 

Evans shares one child with her husband, David Eason. Ensley Eason was born in January 2017; she is 7. Ensley was also removed from Evans and Eason’s care in 2019. She briefly lived with Barbara Evans before custody was returned to Evans and Eason. 

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