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Jason Bateman had ‘full meltdown’ on podcast with Matthew McConaughey

He took the Bate.

Jason Bateman couldn’t help but descend into a “total f–king tailspin” in front of Matthew McConaughey during an ill-fated attempt at recording a podcast episode together.

The “Ozark” actor, who co-hosts his weekly “SmartLess” podcast with Will Arnett and Sean Hayes, recalled the moment his emotions got the best of him two years ago.

On Monday’s episode, Arnett decided to take a trip down memory lane to tell listeners about the time Bateman had a “full meltdown” due to technical difficulties while recording the podcast a couple of years ago.

“It’s not one of my prouder moments,” the “Arrested Development” alum admitted after Arnett told listeners about the ordeal, which forced the trio to postpone their chat with the Oscar winner.

Arnett then played an audio recording of Bateman’s reaction to the technical difficulties, prompting Bateman to plead, “Oh no, please don’t have playback.”

Will Arnett recalled the moment Bateman's emotions got the best of him during a taping of their podcast.
Will Arnett recalled the moment Bateman’s emotions got the best of him during a taping of their podcast.
Bruce Glikas/WireImage

In the clip, someone can be heard saying that the “Air” actor was having computer problems.

“I don’t see it here in the sound thing so let’s just cancel,” Bateman says. “Let’s reschedule this thing. I’m in a total f–king tailspin.”

After hearing Bateman give up, McConaughey burst into laughter, which seemingly irritated Bateman.

“Who the f–k is that? Great, that’s helpful,” Bateman says in the clip, not knowing that the mystery guest was McConaughey.

McConaughey laughed at Bateman's meltdown, prompting the "Ozark" actor to become increasingly irritated.
McConaughey laughed at Bateman’s meltdown, prompting the “Ozark” actor to become increasingly irritated.
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

“Let me tell you what I’ve heard here over the last 30 minutes,” the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor says, before reenacting Bateman’s tech-related meltdown.

“We’ve gotta reboot here,” McConaughey quips. “His iPad got cloned, and then it got wiped right before the dog peed on it, so I gotta reboot one more time.”

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Despite the initial mishap, the trio finally managed to sit down with McConaughey on Monday’s episode where they discussed the actor’s new children’s book, titled “Just Because.”

Elsewhere in the episode, McConaughey revealed the reason he decided to give up on dodging paparazzi.

Bateman's "full meltdown" was spurred on due to technical difficulties.
Bateman’s “full meltdown” was spurred on by technical difficulties.
ABC via Getty Images

Explaining that he tried to be more mysterious for a “very short amount of time,” the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” star said it became a chore.

“I was like, ‘Bullsh-t, this is too much work,” he quipped.

“Look, I mean, I’m still measured about what I share. I just have, my mind’s quicker to notice as it’s coming out of my mouth — ooh, I could say something right now that I know would be in bold print, and as it’s coming out of my mouth, I catch myself and go: Let me dovetail that a hair,” McConaughey shared. “Now, that took years of getting there.”

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