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Jake Gyllenhaal To Host SNL Season Finale Alongside Sabrina Carpenter; But Gets Dates Wrong In New Promo

Jake Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter are announced as the hosts of the SNL season finale. In the new promo dropped by the showrunner, the actor claims to be excited for the Mother’s Day episode, to which Marcello Hernandez reveals that Mother’s Day was celebrated last week.

It seems that Gyllenhaal has gotten his dates wrong and shouts to get the mothers back in the audience, whom Hernandez claims to have returned. In the promo, Gyllenhaal demands, “Well, fly them back! I want them all here in wardrobe and off book, dammit! Now! Go!”

The second promo for SNL season finale

In one of the new promos, Gyllenhaal is seen practicing his lines when Hernandez asks him to sign his yearbook. The actor dove deep into the moment and got emotional after scribbling the pages. In the hilarious clip, the actor just writes “b kewl Jack,” to which the comedian reminds him that he did not even write the spelling of his name correctly. The Road House actor just hands over the book, kisses Hernandez’s hand, and walks away with a wink and a smile. 

The finale episode will also star Sabrina Carpenter. Nevertheless, the SNL crew has not yet released a promo featuring the singer. When the duo was announced to host the episode, it took Taylor Swift fans by surprise, as Carpenter happens to be best friends with the Grammy winner, while Gyllenhaal dated Swift for a brief period. The Feather singer has performed for the pop icon on the Eras Tour a couple of times and continues to hang out with the star.




fly the moms back in!!! – Jake

♬ original sound – Saturday Night Live – SNL

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Jake Gyllenhaal is preparing for a Road House sequel

Gyllenhaal is currently preparing to revive his character in the upcoming sequel to Road House. Speaking of his character in the film, the actor said, “I am so ready, like I love this character, I love this world, I love the thing that we’ve created, and I can’t wait to bring more.” 

The major details of the film are kept under wraps. The sequel was announced at the upfront presentations by Amazon Prime Studios, but it is not known if Liman will be part of the second installment or not. The direction contracts have been out of place, according to the sources.


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