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Izzy Reacts to Jared and Cory’s Fight on ‘Big Brother 25’:

The Big Picture

  • Izzy’s eviction from Big Brother 25 was not a surprise to her, but she appreciated Jared’s efforts to save her, even though it wasn’t the smartest strategy.
  • Cirie was shocked by Jared’s argument with Cory and was frustrated by his lies to other houseguests, realizing that Jared, Cirie, and Izzy were involved in multiple alliances.
  • Izzy later learned that the heated conversation was more about Jared’s deceptive gameplay, and she feels disappointed and believes Jared is in a difficult position.

The Big Brother game is heating up since it’s almost at the midpoint of season 25. Izzy Gleicher was a very important part of Jared and Cirie Fields’ games since she knew their secret of being mother and son. She also became a big part of their strategy in the house. Cameron Hardin knew this and nominated her next to Felicia Cannon in week 6. The alliance thought they had the votes to keep Izzy until Felicia revealed to Jared she had the votes.

Episode 20 showed Jared lying to Matt Klotz. He claimed Jag Bains outed the plan to evict Izzy, so Matt would confirm that the house was turning. It worked at first until Cory Wurtenberger and Jag got involved. Jag was able to deny ever telling Jared this in front of the houseguests. Izzy wasn’t in the room for this interaction, so she didn’t know what happened. That night Izzy was evicted with only Cirie voting for her to stay.

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Izzy Gleicher Is Disappointed by the ‘Big Brother 25’ Argument

Cirie Fields and Izzy Gleicher sit on a bed in 'Big Brother 25'
Image via CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Izzy did a few exit interviews before the 20th episode. She was asked if she wondered what Jared was doing in that heated conversation in the Have-Not room. “Oh, I wasn’t wondering at all,” the flutist told Entertainment Weekly. “I knew I was walking out the door for sure. But given mine and Jared’s relationship, my heart was full knowing he was fighting so hard for me — not in the smartest way, but I appreciated the effort.”

Izzy wasn’t the only one surprised by what Jared was doing. Cirie later entered the room and was shocked that Jared and Cory were arguing. “I’m flabbergasted that all of this is occurring right now,” Cirie said in the diary room. “I just said, ‘Go see what’s going on, Jared.’ I didn’t say start a war.” The conversation made it transparent that Jared was lying to multiple houseguests. Cory then made it clear that Jared, Cirie, and Izzy were in multiple alliances. “So now I’m just no pun intended on this island surrounded by a bunch of sharks actually,” Cirie said in the diary room. “This is the most critical HoH for Jared after the Have-Not debacle.”

Since then the evicted houseguest found out that the conversation was less about fighting for her and more about Jared’s messy lies in the game. “Knowing what I know now I am dis–knowing a lot of what I didn’t know,” Izzy told the Black Bi Reality podcast. “I’m disappointed but, and I think Jared is in an incredibly difficult position right now. And it’s a little difficult for me to speak about.”

That’s not the only thing Izzy has learned after the eviction. “I mean I think I severely underestimated Cory’s relationship with America [Lopez] and that to me, I think is ultimately the biggest factor in me sitting here at home today. And it’s something that I have been evaluating.” Izzy said that’s the one misread she had on the game.

This isn’t surprising since she exchanged words with Cameron and Cory before leaving. She refused Cameron’s hug after her eviction and said, “Oh no, I’ll be seeing you soon, pig.” This is in reference to both of them dressed as pigs for a veto punishment. Cameron called her a “class act.” She then said, “You too pipsqueak” to Cory and tapped him before leaving. Episode 20 showed Jared winning HoH and nominating America and Cory.

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