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It will be possible to verify with the search engine and share the answers of the artificial intelligence

Google joined the launches of tools late, but on time. Artificial intelligence. After years of hard work by its researchers, Bard was released in March and, in recent months, they have been perfecting it, enabling it in more languages ​​and combining it with other company tools.

Today, the brand announces the biggest update they have made to date, with a version of Bard that will allow you to verify information with Google, and share AI conversations with other users. Additionally, features that were already available in English are now available in 40 new languages, such as the ability to upload images with Google Lens, to incorporate into your answers images from the Google Search or of modify Bard’s answers.

Chatbots are trained with human data, so it is common for them to have biases and there are some researchers who believe they have a clear ideology.

One of the most anticipated new features of Bard, which can finally be used in Spanish, will be the possibility of combine it with Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube or Google’s flight and hotel search engines. As Jack Krawczyk, Director of Product Management, commented yesterday at a press conference, the personal information that the AI ​​handles will not be used as Bard training, so the user’s privacy will remain intact.

The firm assures that the latest update is the most powerful they have made to date. For this, they have consulted the comments that users have shared with Google and have applied advanced reinforcement learning techniques.

Verify the information

The company is aware that AI can sometimes give erroneous or outdated answers. They are trying to reduce these problems, but in addition, they now offer a button called ‘Google It’which is currently only in the English version, and which allows you to evaluate the most notable aspects of the topic asked in the search engine.

Share the results

Google wants its consumers to be able to take advantage of their conversations with Bard and share the results obtained with co-workers or friends. This way, there is no need to copy and paste AI comments or two people having to ask their questions separately.

The only thing you will need is to send the chat or the public link with a contact and, Thus, continue the conversation together. In this way, it will be easier for new doubts to arise from a base to raise as a group.

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