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“It is worrying that transphobia presides over institutions”

The leader of Add Elizabeth Duval has shown his rejection that the former vice president of the Government Carmen Calvo has been appointed new president of the Council of State after the dismissal of Magdalena Valerio due to the annulment of justice.

Duval wrote this Tuesday in a message on his official account on the social network ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) his rejection of the Executive’s decision. “It is very worrying, that transphobia presides over state institutions“he insisted.

According to the leader of Sumar, Carmen Calvo is “the person most responsible for the obstruction of the trans law and the anti-trans speech on one side” and has also added that it is “impossible to forget her abstention or words” to the activist and senator of More Madrid Carla Antonelli.

Duval’s words come after Carmen Calvo has renounced her act as deputy for the PSOE and has been elected the new president of the Council of State. The former vice president replaces former minister Magdalena Valeriowhose appointment was annulled by Justice.

“The revolving doors”

On the other hand, the general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarrahas expressed the opinion that the appointment represents another turn of “the revolving doors” of the Government in “the colonization of institutions” and has called it “serious”.

In a video sent to the media, Gamarra has reproached to the Government that appoint a former socialist minister again for the position after the Supreme Court ruling that annulled Valerio’s appointment.

“AND we demand another way of governingwhich is what we represent from the PP, respecting the institutions“, thinking and defending that those who are appointed to head them must be independent people and, of course, working for democratic quality,” said Gamarra, who has insisted on the “colonization” carried out by the Government of the institutions. “to control them.

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