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Ireland AM star Muireann O’Connell’s fans say she ‘looks amazing’ as she stuns on air in trendy trousers

IRELAND AM fans all said Muireann O’Connell “looked amazing” as she lit up the Virgin Media studio wearing trendy trousers.

The Virgin Media star was back on air this morning alongside Tommy Bowe for their usual tele laughs.

Muireann O'Connell and Tommy Bowe were back on air together today


Muireann O’Connell and Tommy Bowe were back on air together todayCredit: Instagram
Muireann stunned wearing leopard print trousers


Muireann stunned wearing leopard print trousersCredit: Instagram
Muireann's fans all loved her look


Muireann’s fans all loved her lookCredit: Instagram

And Muireann stepped out on air in style today.

She posed for a stunning snap on set in the Virgin Media studio with Tommy photobombing behind her.

The Limerick beauty looked very glam wearing leopard print trousers from Sezane that retail for €110.

Muireann paired it with a red cardigan which is also from Sezane and costs €100.

The popular presenter shared the photo on Instagram and warned fans about her trousers saying: “I cannot breathe in these pants but I am one step closer to Bet Lynch.

“Size up! For the love of god size up!”

Muireann’s friends and fans all loved her look and flocked to the comment section with compliments.

Kellie said: “They are fab love them.”

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Mandy wrote: “Love, love, love the trousers so on trend for this season.”

Stephanie commented: “You look amazing.”

Ireland AM star Tommy Bowe shocks Muireann O’Connell as he shares Valentine’s Day plans that leaves fans gushing

John added: “Lovely outfit, looking beautiful.”

The Virgin Media presenter got engaged to her long-term boyfriend who she refers to as her ‘housemate’, to keep his identity private, in 2021.

Yesterday, Muireann and Tommy were on air speaking about Valentine’s Day when Muireann made a shock admission.

The Limerick beauty asked Tommy: “Do you give people roses on Valentine’s Day?”

The former rugby star said: “I do.”

Muireann replied: “Do you? Oh my god. Do you prepare it like?”

Tommy said candidly: “Well I haven’t yet but I will for my daughter and my wife. Yes, of course.”

Speaking to the viewers, Muireann asked: “Can we ask you about roses. Can you let me know if you get them.


She added: “Because I’ve never given or received roses.”

Looking shocked, Tommy shouted: “Never got a rose ever?”

Muireann replied: “Well from the girls on a night out, you know the ones you can buy from the women on the street, the two euro ones.”

Tommy added: “And you’re engaged… still?”

Muireann was in stitches laughing on air and said: “Clearly, my fella needs to up his game.”

Ireland AM posted the clip on Instagram and captioned it: “Muireann reveals she has never received or given a Valentine’s Day rose.”

Viewers all loved Tommy’s romantic gesture and said Muireann’s fiance needs to “step up”.

Ashley commented: “The room mate needs to level up this year.”

Julie wrote: “Omg your partner really needs to step up!!! Every week… not just valentines day. Wonderful.”

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Amanda said: “Well done Tommy, roses to both wife and daughter.”

Another fan added: “Good man Tommy!!! Good for you.”

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