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India changes name

At the gala dinner that closed the G-20 meeting in New Delhi on Sunday the 10th, many attendees were surprised when Droupadi Murmu appeared at the head of the table. as president of Bharat, launching the new name by which India will be known from now on, the country with the most inhabitants in the world, around 1.4 billion. The Parliament of the largest democracy on the five continents met yesterday in a special plenary session to grant it official recognition.

The reasons respond to the rejection of the name of India, with which the country was baptized by the English during their colonial period and which has been maintained until now. The name that will begin to officially designate the country in the United Nations and, therefore, in the entire international community where it will force all friendly governments to modify their spelling, is of Sanskrit origin and is 1,500 years before Christ.

Bharat, the new official name that India will have

It is by no means the first nation to reject its colonial name. Some from that time are already forgotten history, such as Iran, formerly Persia, Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, Turkey, formerly the Ottoman Empire, or more recently Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta. But not all changes respond to the desire to erase the colonial era.. In Europe, Czechia, derived from the primitive name, Cesko, or the old Holland, which has just left this name to a province of the State that has come to adopt its geographical definition: Netherlands

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