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incredible views of the sea, cliffs, ravines and an Iberian village

The Valencian Communitywith its rich history, culture and natural beauty, provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with nature while exploring extraordinary landscapes on foot or by bicycle. One of the most appreciated jewels is the Greenway of the Seaa trail that connects the coastal municipalities of Benicàssim and Oropesa del Marin the province of Castellonallowing us to appreciate how the majestic Sierra de Oropesa del Mar merges with the Mediterranean Sea. This trail runs along the old railway route that bordered the coastline of both towns, providing visitors with a unique and spectacular experience.

Almost 6 kilometers of route

Greenway or path between Benicassim and Oropesa
Greenway or path between Benicassim and Oropesa
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With almost six kilometers of routethe Vía Verde del Mar offers the possibility of exploring this exceptional environment on foot or by bicyclealways with the Mediterranean Sea as a guide.

The starting point, the “kilometer 0”, is located in Benicàssimspecifically in the rest area near the oldor stop of the Villas, according to the Tourism website of the Valencian Community. However, you can also start your adventure in Oropesa del Mar, with access from the midpoint of the promenade that borders the Concha Beach.

The Iberian town of Orpesa la Vella

Right from the start, you will be greeted with stunning panoramic views that span from the ancient Iberian town from Orpesa la Vella (only vestiges remain) to the Retor Cove and the marina, all before crossing a tunnel that will take you to the impressive Dona ravine.

Along the route of the Greenway, you will enter landscapes of great cultural and heritage value. But what really stands out is why this route is considered one of the most extraordinary in the Valencian Community.

Watchtowers and beautiful beaches

The path will take you through several natural wonders and cultural. Some of the highlights include an iconic metal bridge, the watchtowers of Colomera, Cordà or Sant Vicentas well as the beautiful beaches and coves in the area, impressive cliffsthe Bellver plains and the picturesque Dona ravine. Each of these places allows you to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural wealth of the area.

The sea on one side and the mountains on the other

This experience is much more than just a walk. Explore Benicàssim and Oropesa del Mar, with the sea on one side and the mountains on the othergives you the opportunity to create unforgettable family memories and immerse yourself in the authentic essence of the Mediterranean coast.

Oropesa Parador.
Oropesa Parador.
Sergio Cervera Moreno

The Vía Verde del Mar is a testament to the majesty of the Sierra de Oropesa as it pours into the sea. The old railway left its mark in the form of titanic works, such as deep trenches, a long illuminated tunnel and metal bridges. This route is a true jewel of the rugged and natural coast that separates Benicàssim and Oropesa del Mar.

Technical sheet of the Greenway

Greenway between Benicàssim and Oropesa.
Greenway between Benicàssim and Oropesa.
Benicassim Town Hall

Location: Between Benicàssim and Oropesa del Mar, Castellón.

Length: 5.7 km of greenway + 5.3 km of bicycle lane.

Surface type: Greenway: double surface of asphalt and compacted gravel. Bicycle lane: asphalt.

Natural Environment: Beaches of Benicàssim and Oropesa del Mar, rocky coastline and cliffs in a natural state at the foot of the Sierra de Oropesa.

Infrastructure: Greenway with an illuminated tunnel, 2 false tunnels and 1 metal bridge. It has several rest areas.

The Vía Verde del Mar is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the Valencian Community while you delve into its history and connect with nature.

How to get to the Sea Greenway

The distance by car from Barcelona to Benicàssim is 263 km, about two hours and 45 minutes, on the AP-7. From Madrid, the distance is greater, 437 km along the A-3 and then the AP-7: about 4 hours and 15 minutes. From Valencia it takes 1 hour to reach Benicàssim (86.1 km) on the AP-7.

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