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“I’m looking for a simple woman who can put up with an egomaniac like me”

“I may or may not be egocentric, because I don’t understand people’s thinking and what I try is to adapt it to what I normally feel because it is what I have learned,” said Nasir in his presentation at First Dates this Monday.

The diner managed to surprise Carlos Sobera with what I wanted to study, quantum tunneling in DNA, something that left the presenter speechless.

Nasir, in 'First Dates'.
Nasir and Sobera, in ‘First Dates’.

“My goal is to extend people’s lives so that they realize of the great mistake that is being immortal“He explained. And he added that he would like to live in Australia: “The main reason is that it has saltwater crocodiles.”

“I want to meet a person with whom I can talk, share information random and don’t have banal conversations. I don’t care about the physique, but yes I want someone who realizes that I’m a freak and tell me,” Nasir admitted.

Indira, in 'First Dates'.
Indira, in ‘First Dates’.

His date was Indira: “I am a very simple person and I have the mechanism of a pacifier. Of course, you can take me anywhere because I am multifaceted and intense,” she commented.

Both They were surprised to find out that they were biologists and that, although she taught children, she was studying a master’s degree and liked everything related to genetics.

Indira and Nasir, in 'First Dates'.
Indira and Nasir, in ‘First Dates’.

During dinner they continued talking about their profession, but also about their hobbies or tastes, finding out that perhaps They weren’t meant to be a couple, but just friends.

“I am looking for a simple person, who does not seek wealth but to be well. I like simplicity and who, truly, be able to put up with an egomaniac like me“Nasir admitted.

In the end, he did not want to have a second date, “but as colleagues.” Indira, for her part, did not want to meet again: “As a couple we don’t even hit each other with glue”.

Nasir and Indira, in 'First Dates'.
Nasir and Indira, in ‘First Dates’.

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