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“I’m innocent, we already know what she is like”

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario saw the conclusion of the trial for seizure of assets that she had, together with her ex-husband, Josep Santacana, much better than how it began: having recognized the crimes for which the Luxembourg bank put her in the dock has softened the claims of the prosecution, who has decided to ask for a lesser sentence than the initial one, which I wouldn’t force her to go to prison..

At the expense of what the judge decides in her sentence, not before November, The tennis player can say that she has achieved judicial success, since in all likelihood he will avoid jail. The prosecution requested four years in prison for her and her ex-husband, as an accomplice in the alleged seizure of assets.

Josep Santacanahowever, from whom he separated in 2018, declared this Friday and accused his ex-wife of lying at all times. He remembers that he signed some marriage agreements that prevented him from managing his wife’s money and that it was the Sánchez family that had squandered the money before he arrived.

The presenter, very harsh with the collaborator on his blog for the magazine 'Lecturas'.

Santacana’s defense strategy is to ensure that the complete management, both of all the property sales and of the disappearance of the money that the Luxembourg bank found when it went to collect the debt, They were organized by Sánchez Vicario and his advisors.

Now, days later, Santacana has granted an exclusive interview to Paloma Barrientos in AfternoonAR. Highlighting that pleads “not guilty”comments: “I’ve been dragging this on for a long time and you already want to end it and start another life. It’s very hard, you’ve been with a person by your side for so long and now, out of interest, for their benefit, they turn the tables on you because the It’s really hard. I respect her but her way of acting like this is not the first time. Those of us who know her already know howyes“.

Santacana, who assures that “it’s very bad” to be the bad guy in the movieconfirms that “it is true that there is no paper on which his signature appears” selling some of Arantxa’s assets.

Furthermore, it reveals the reason why he did not want to agree, unlike his ex-wife: “I don’t see it as fair that I should be punished for actions that I haven’t done, or that they should ask me for money that I don’t have.” and sentences: “The shenanigans and such are a setup to try to create a character for me because they were interested, but I have not paid attention to these things.”

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