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I’m a teacher and did major Temu haul including cute shelves, gorgeous stationary and fun games from €0.89

AN Irish teacher has revealed her back to school essentials from €0.89 – including stationary, desk storage, games and prizes.

Shania, who posts under @muinteoirshania, took to TikTok to reveal her Temu haul.

A TikTok user revealed her Temu haul


A TikTok user revealed her Temu haulCredit: TikTok
The Irish teacher picked up essentials from €0.89


The Irish teacher picked up essentials from €0.89Credit: TikTok

She said: “Temu order. Picked up lot of practical bits for my new classroom.”

First up is a pink desk storage unit with a bunny design.

She said: “Little shelves for your desk. There’s a little holder at the back.”

The Cute Rabbit Desktop With Drawer Storage start from €4.27.

They range in price depending on the size.

The double drawers cost €4.27, while the four drawer until costs €12.48.

The TikToker also got the drawer set in white.

Other teaching essentials included white board markers, bookmarks and post it notes.

Shania said: “Lots of little sticky notes which I will use on the kids names on their tables – where I put a little remember box. I’ll write ‘remember full sharps or capital letters’.”

She picked up some goodies for her VIP prize box including felt tip pens and highlighters.

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She explained: “Table of the week get to use the VIP prize box for the week.

“They get a homework pass. Whatever work they do, they can use a gel pen with their heading or a highlighter and they absolutely love it.”

Next in her haul was paint brushes, paint pots, a bell, notepad and two rolls of stickers.

Shania found a heart hole puncher to use on her kindness cards.

She said: “So every time I see your child displaying kindness in the classroom or hear about it out in the yard, they’ll get a kindness card.

“And then they build off the stamps. So I punch a hole with the heart and when that’s full, they get a prize from the prize box.”

The Heart-shaped Paper Punch is a steal at only €0.89.

Temu also have a selection of shapes you can choose from including stars, a moon, a paw print, flower and butterfly.

The Múinteoir ordered a bunch of games for “free time” including an adding/subtracting game board.

Shania said: “I got this adding and subtraction board game. It’s really cool.

“It comes with checkers, and a little dice. It comes with cards. It has multiplication card, adding cards and then it comes with a penalty card.

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“So it could be like ‘do a dance’ or something random. Just be fun way of practicing their tables.”

The Digital Board Game costs €11.92.

The TikToker said Temu is very affordable


The TikToker said Temu is very affordableCredit: TikTok

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