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I’m a fan of story-driven games and a stylish racing game has caught my eye

I LOVE a good story, and it’s even better when that’s mixed with another genre that elevates it.

This is why I was so attracted to Heading Out, a narrative-heavy game with racing sections where you have to outrun your fear.

Outrun your fear in this 'caRPG'


Outrun your fear in this ‘caRPG’Credit: Serious Sam

It’s broken up into two main sections. Like Oregon Trail, you will have to plan your route across the map to reach your destination.

Each route you take will feature different events and races you can participate in, and will also cost you some of your car’s condition, your tiredness and money for petrol.

You will have to balance all these things, while also planning a route that ensures that your fear never catches up to you.

During events you will have to make various choices which can increase your infamy or your wanted level.

More infamy means that people will be more willing to help you out, whereas a higher wanted level means you are more likely to run into trouble with the police.

The other side to the gameplay are the races, where you will be challenged to street races for money.

These are crucial for ensuring you have enough fuel for repairs and fuel, and they help break up the story.

While the steering has a good feel to it, I felt that acceleration could be punchier, and the tracks more inspiring.

I only got to experience the first act of the four-act game but the races felt too easy to win.

The developers were very open to feedback though, and said that they were still working on balancing certain elements.

At its core Heading Out has incredible style. It’s heavy on its comic book aesthetic with minimal use of colour.

If the team works on the finer balancing issues, Heading Out will definitely be one to watch this year.

Heading Out will launch on May 7, 2024, for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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