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Illa and Puigdemont maintain their ‘courtship’ of ERC and their intention to govern even if it is in a minority

Salvador Illa and Carles Puigdemont they want to be the new one president of the Generalitat, but to achieve this, they need support. The 42 and 35 seats of PSC and Togetherrespectively, remain far from the 68 absolute majority required by the Parliament to form Government. This Thursday, Puigdemont assured that he will go “to the end” to try to govern, while Illa considered that it would be a “mistake” to support his investiture.

The socialists count, a priori, on the six votes of Comuns Sumar, despite the fact that in the campaign, the formation led by Jessica Albiach put a red line on the star projects of its leader, Salvador Illa – the hard rockthe expansion of airport and finish the B-40-. With the votes of ERC they add up. However, since last Sunday, the Republicans have maintained their position of not negotiating and placing themselves in the opposition.

Thus, both Illa and Puigdemontwho needs more support to form a majority, will try to convince an Orphaned Esquerra of leaders until the celebration of the National Congressnext November 30, so that they give in and say “yes” on the day of the investiture.

The Junts candidate, Carles Puigdemont, opted for moving token first and met this Thursday to the 35 deputies elected at the polls and to the party leadership. The former president of the Generalitat and MEP stated that the independence bloc “it adds quite a few more deputies than the constitutionalist bloc of progress” formed by “PSC and Comuns”, so there are “more options for a minority government” of Junts.

“In a simple majority scenario, we have more options for government and a coherent majority. Not making inventions waiting for PP or Vox to abstain,” he continued from Perpignan (France).

Furthermore, he pointed out that “Mr. Sanchez governs as a minority, because the partners do not have an absolute majority, and they have to negotiate with opposition groups“, after which he said: “Whoever tries to delegitimize will be trying to delegitimize the democracy“.

He also noted that he has already started “discreet contacts” with the intention of forming a solo Government. “We have an opportunity and we will exhaust it”, he assured, and considered that they have “options of forming a sufficiently solid government.” In this sense, he expressed “the maximum respect for the internal processes that they may have (ERC) and the maximum willingness to dialogue with all the actors of ‘independence to build a government majority.’

Regarding the negotiations, he said that they will be carried out as those that took place for the investiture of Pedro Sánchezwith “few people, a lot of discretion, assuming the seriousness of the moment and accounting for the agreements.”

Illa believes it would be a “mistake” to support Puigdemont

The socialist leader also spoke this Thursday, in his case in an interview on Cadena Ser. Illa took the opportunity to rule out the possibility of supporting an investiture of the Juntswhich considered that it would be a mistake and that it would contradict the will of the citizens.

However, the PSC He did not want to attack Puigdemont’s position, since “everyone has the right to raise their options.” Illa wanted show respect to the former president’s tactics as long as it is “according to the rules.”

A respect for Puigdemont that does not break with the intention of Illa de “lead a new stage” in Catalonia. The former minister wants to preside over the Generalitat because “The Catalans have given me the confidence to do so”although like his political rival, he will need that support to achieve the majority.

While Puigdemont assured that he has begun to approach positions that will allow him to bring together a majority, Illa preferred to show “discretion” regarding negotiations. For now, if he warned that he has to give time “to digest and analyze” the results to the rest of the formations, and the candidates have time until 10th of June -day after the European elections- to make the first moves before the new Parliament.

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