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“If they don’t give me the opportunity, how am I going to be that famous actress they look for in castings?”

Making a living in the world of acting is one of the constant struggles on the part of actors who They do not have the privilege of appearing in magazines or walking down red carpets.. However, this is the reality for a large majority of artists.

In recent days, social networks have viralized the video in which the actress Cristina Abad assures that she can no longer cope with her employment situation. A complaint that has coincided with the celebration of the Goya Awards and in which he explains that, in the last year, he has only been able to do one casting: “It is very painful because you don’t know why or where it comes from. “Suddenly, you only do one casting in a year and a half.”

Thus, this Monday, the actress visited the set of Public mirrorfrom where he has emphasized that producers and directors “have their own pools”: “At the last casting I did, they told me that I had done great and that the director had loved it, but they wanted someone more famous. And when am I going to be that someone if they don’t give me the opportunity?“.

Currently, the actress makes a living working in the school cafeteria where he studied and, in addition, is participating in the play The nights in the suite.

For their part, the morning’s collaborators have highlighted that, right now, in Spain there is a great production of audiovisual content, to which Cristina Abad has responded: “What there is are few opportunities. If you put any platform you will see many actors working in different series, but they are the same. With that I don’t mean that they don’t deserve it, but Those of us who don’t work can also have opportunities“.

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