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“If the players do not go, the Government will apply the law”

The president of C.S.D., Víctor Francos, has shown his dissatisfaction with the actions of the RFEF by calling the majority of footballers who signed the statement declaring themselves unselectable until profound changes occurred in the structure of the Federation. Despite this, the leader has been forceful in confirming that the Government will sanction the footballers if they do not attend the concentration: “If they do not show up, the Government will have to apply the law, to my shame; but the law is the law” .

“I hope that the call has been agreed with them,” Francos wished in The spar of the SER Chain, and has advanced that “if they do not appear, the Government will have to apply the law, to my shame; but the law is the law.” In this sense, the president has lamented that “the problem is: ‘I summon you and if you don’t come’, someone else will sanction you.”

The leader has also revealed that this Tuesday he will contact “a series of people from the team to speak with them”, since a “moment has been reached in which the Government must intervene” because “not everything goes” .

Francos has also pointed out that “I have been asking the Federation for a week what is happening with the situation”, and has criticized that “deep changes had to be made and they have not been made.” Furthermore, he has lamented that “the people who were there when what was happening are still at the head of the Federation.”

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