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“I understood it as the springboard to my career, not as my great moment”

Alvaro Rico was the guest of Jesus Calleja to visit Sri Lanka during monday night Planet Calleja. The actor, known for play Polo in Eliteshared with the presenter his entire artistic career, since he was little.

As it could not be less, Rico spoke about the role that catapulted him to stardom in the global phenomenon Elite. “It has given me so many things, which is surely where I have really gotten to know the profession,” said the actor about the series.

“I’m sorry it ended, but I always understood it as the springboard to my career, not like my big moment“said the actor. “The springboard is what I have been doing since then with other projects,” he added emphatically.

Lane wanted to know about the sex scenes, since in the series Netflix They predominated. “It seems that the most interesting thing is who a character sleeps with, but I have learned things how to deal with the issue of HIV that I had a character,” he explained, fascinated by being able to have the opportunity to give voice to a “so stigmatized” topic.

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The actor and the presenter gained trust to such an extent that Álvaro ended up dancing a jota and talking about his roots. Furthermore, he explained that he started as a child who did theater and assured that he is willing to do everything what they propose.

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