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“I think I’m going to die at any moment”

Carla Barber has shared his so far unknown phobia. And she is getting worse and worse, as she herself points out on her social networks. everything has been following his last flight, full of turbulence, which caused a panic attack. After that, he wanted to talk for the first time about what was happening to him.

The influencerwho for work reasons has to “fly a lot”, has acknowledged that “every time” it gets worse.

And his fear of flying is getting stronger and he constantly thinks that he is “going to die at any moment.” “You don’t know how shit moves on a plane. I mean, I swear. I vomit and cry. It’s getting worse every time. And if I go alone I won’t even tell you. I think I’m going to die at any moment“, can be read in a conversation published by the doctor.

Daniel Sancho

Asked by her followers, she indicated: “I don’t have any tricks for fear on the plane. You are asking me. Unfortunately I have to fly a lot, if I could I wouldn’t do it.”

Regarding her last flight, she said: “I was so scared that I tried to record a message to send to my mother and this was the result. Obviously I don’t say anything, I just poop on myself.”

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