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I scored a $250 fashion find at Goodwill for only $13 – people say it’s ‘so, so, so ugly’ but that’s why I love it

A BARGAIN shopper has shown off a $250 jacket they found at the thrift store for $13.

Though critics disliked the style, they said its uniqueness made it stand out.

An excited bargain shopper showed off their find at the thrift


An excited bargain shopper showed off their find at the thriftCredit: Getty

Redditor Hunibumble shared the thrift haul in a viral post.

After years of looking for a good deal, they couldn’t wait to share their new prized possession.

“I’m literally so excited. I’ve been surfing Goodwill for probably two years now,” they said.

“This is my first real ‘score’ other than some super cute pashmina scarfs!”

They shared a photo of a fleece jacket with blue and orange striped sleeves and a green man on the back, on sale for just $12.99.

“I had no idea what the jacket was, but I loved it anyway, so I decided to look it up when I got home to see if the guy on the back had a name or anything,” they said.

After thorough research, they discovered the true value of the “Desert Fleece” jacket was $250.

“Turns out, it’s from a run of clothing a NYC artist did a few years back! I love him so much. I’m so happy we decided to stop in today!” they said.

One commenter revealed that the sweater is actually an art piece.

“For anyone curious, this is a fleece created for the NFT project Creature World, created by artist Danny Cole,” they said.

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While the Redditor couldn’t be more overjoyed by their new purchase, others felt differently.

“It’s just so so so ugly,” said one commenter.

The Redditor, however, wasn’t deterred.

“But that’s why I love it,” they replied.

They discovered the jacket's true value was $250


They discovered the jacket’s true value was $250Credit: Reddit/Creature World

“It’s super unique, and I think it’s pretty awesome. Some people don’t mind standing out,” said one supportive commenter.

“Nice find! Isn’t that a great feeling?!? It looks like it’s in really good condition, too!” said another.

“I have bought some valuable art that most [folks] think is ugly,” said one commenter.

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“Beauty is in the eye of the bargain shopper.”

“I would have picked that up in a heartbeat. The weirder, the better. Great find!” agreed another.

They explained that they loved the jacket because it was ugly


They explained that they loved the jacket because it was uglyCredit: Reddit

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