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“I have had to give the concerts sitting down”

The first guest of the week in The Anthill It was all a myth rock&roll Spanish: the Madrid singer and composer Coke Mesh. Pablo Motos chatted with him about his long musical career and his upcoming return to cinema with the film Looking for Cokewhich premieres next February 14.

The presenter also highlighted the tour that the artist is doing with his new album, Even though we are deadwhich began with a spectacular incident.

I started the tour with a broken foot. “I fell from a wall in my house and broke the 5th metatarsal of my little finger,” recalled the guest of El Hormiguero this Monday.

“I warned people that I was going to my first concerts, which I was going to give sitting down so they wouldn’t be disappointed. But I will do the one in Valladolid this weekend standing up,” Malla assured.

Plex, in 'El Hormiguero'.

The Valencian also highlighted some quirks that the artist has before concerts: “How many times do you get to shower before performing?”Motos asked him.

“Once in the morning, once before soundcheck, and then after the test and before the concert, which my team hates. But In summer I can shower six or seven times“Malla stated.

He also highlighted that You can’t leave home without two very special ringsespecially the one from her wedding, “and a pendant that I took off to come to the program because it didn’t look good.”

“Do you play your music to your children?”the host of the program wanted to know. Antenna 3. The artist acknowledged that “I try, but they like other types of music more.”

“What happens is that recently Rauw Alejandro He said he really liked James Brown and then my kids listen to him too. I’ll have to talk to Rosalia so that he can say that he really likes them Rolling Stones“explained the singer.

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