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“I have a dream that I think about every day”

Ursula Corbero has finished off the promotion of his new Netflix series live on Ibai Llanos. A conversation that, since then, has given rise to much to talk about and in which neither of them held back.

In fact, the streamer Basque even asked him about his deep aspirations. The Catalan actress confessed that she wants to work at some point in her career with the director Wes Anderson.

Ibai Llanos also took advantage of the moment to open up and reveal what he wants to achieve in the next few years of his career. “I have a complicated dream”It has been recognized.

It is about his aspirations with KOI, his eSports team that he himself has recognized that “he is in a difficult moment”. His players and coaches are not working and Llanos wants them to get out of the slump victorious.

“I think about it every day and it’s complicated,” he explained. It’s about getting the equipment that “has in mind” to be “World Champion”.

Go to a World Cup in Korea or the United States, fight against all nationalities and win. “The competition is very difficult, there are very good people, you lose because of details, you have to be the best in the world out of hundreds of thousands of teams“he lamented.

“I’m aiming very high,” he confessed: “But you never know. That’s my dream and I’m going to fight for it. It is not impossible“. An attitude of hope that has little to do with the attitude of defeat that many had predicted.

The 'streamer' Ibai Llanos live.

In the coming months, Llanos has assured that will talk about the internal realities of KOI and show the new improved template for the “Phoenix project” with which he intends to achieve victory next season.

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