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“I felt identified with Daniel Sancho”

And now Sonsoles has obtained important testimony for the case of Daniel Sancho about the murder of Edwin Arrieta. And it is that youn man who reported the Colombian for harassment He has spoken to the program about what happened.

The program has called the interviewee ‘Luis’ to maintain his anonymity. The man has assured that he himself could have been Daniel Sancho. To explain it, he went back to the origins of when they met in 2005: “He came up to offer me a drink and I said no.”

“It started to scare me when he exaggerated on the calls, when you don’t begin to understand what a no is and that I really didn’t want to be his friend, or anything with him,” the interviewee detailed.

The man said that In one day I could even make 143 calls.: “He blackmailed me. He blackmailed me by talking to my family, that things were going to happen to me, that he was going to send me people and that I had people following me.”

“On my hand I have a scar from a bite that he gave me in one of his attacks,” the anonymous person guaranteed. Regarding the recent case, he has expressed for the program Sonsoles Ónega: “I felt identified with Daniel when I saw the news.” “Or me I would have killed him or he would have killed me“, he assured.

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