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‘I Didn’t Know I Could Feel This Low’

ABC’s The Bachelor Season 28 heated up with drama in episode 4. Joey Graziadei took Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas on a two-on-date to get to the bottom of their feud, and only one woman received a rose. Here’s what Sydney posted about feeling “low” after her elimination.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers ahead regarding episode 4.]

Sydney Gordon posted about ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 drama after her elimination in episode 4

Sydney Gordon and Joey Graziadei holding hands in 'The Bachelor' Season 28
‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 stars Sydney Gordon and Joey Graziadei | Disney/John Fleenor

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 drama between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas came to a head during their two-on-one date with Joey Graziadei. Previously, Maria commented on Madina Alam’s criticism of herself regarding her older age. Sydney overhead Maria’s comment and insisted that Maria was talking poorly about Madina behind the woman’s back. Madina took the drama to Joey and insisted she felt “bullied” by Maria’s comments, and Sydney also shared her concerns with Joey. When Joey approached Maria about the situation, Maria insisted that Sydney blew the drama out of proportion.

Joey hoped to get to the bottom of the drama in episode 4 during the two-on-one date. Ultimately, he trusted Maria more than Sydney and gave Maria the rose, sending Sydney home.

After the episode aired, Sydney took to Instagram to share her feelings. She posted about the online bullying she experienced from fans by starting her video with hurtful voice messages she received.

“I didn’t know I could feel this low in my entire life,” Sydney says. “Every time I open up Instagram, TikTok, I’m constantly reminded of all the insecurities that it took me so long to overcome. To hear, ‘You’re ugly, you look like a man,’ it almost feels like I went back to square one. I was told that I’d be better off dead. People struggle with suicide ideation. That is something that should not be taken lightly.”

“You may hate the character that was created on the show, but who’s actually receiving that hate is a real human being,” she continued. “I can’t speak of details on the show. However, I can say there are certain things that I wish I did differently and things I wish I didn’t say.”

Maria Georgas asked fans to stop sending hate to the cast

'The Bachelor' Season 28 star Joey Graziadei embracing Maria Georgas as she holds a rose
‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 star Joey Graziadei and Maria Georgas | Disney/John Fleenor

The Bachelor Season 28 doesn’t paint Sydney Gordon in the best light, and many fans are siding with Maria Georgas regarding the drama between them. While Maria was happy to receive the two-on-one date rose from Joey Graziadei, she doesn’t want fans sending hate to Sydney. Maria asked fans to stop the hate in her Instagram Stories.

“We are all watching together at the same time,” Maria posted over a photo of the cast to her Instagram Stories. “Things I’m seeing are new to me as well and are hard to watch, but please, during this time, don’t send any hate to anyone. Things will come to light as soon as they can, I promise you that. So, just remember peace, love, and positivity.”

Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti defended Sydney Gordon

Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti helped Sydney Gordon become a cast member in The Bachelor Season 28. Ashley and Jared Haibon knew Sydney before her affiliation with Joey Graziadei’s season, as Sydney helps the couple with their social media. After the drama played out this season, Ashley took to Instagram to ask fans to “be kind.”

“Please be kind to our friend,” Ashley posted to her Instagram Stories along with a selfie of Sydney, according to Us Weekly. “Sometimes, you just have to have been there to understand why people made the moves they did.”

The Bachelor Season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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