How WWE’s All-Women’s Survivor Series Main Event Failed To Deliver



  • The main event at Survivor Series 2019 featured three remarkable women: Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler, all successful champions in their own right.
  • The build-up to Survivor Series introduced brand warfare, pitting Raw, SmackDown, and NXT against each other, bringing excitement and unpredictability to the event.
  • The match itself failed to live up to expectations due to a weary crowd, lack of follow-through for Shayna Baszler, and the unexpected outcome of Bayley not winning, leaving fans disheartened.



In the twilight of 2019, WWE set the stage for a groundbreaking moment, a main event featuring the formidable trio of Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler at Survivor Series. A convergence of wrestling prowess, historical legacies, and a narrative woven with brand warfare was promised, but when the dust settled, the outcome left a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. As we delve into the depths of this marquee matchup, the tale unfolds with unexpected twists, unmet expectations, and an enigma that shrouds why this seemingly stellar encounter failed to resonate as anticipated. The echoes of that November night reveal a story far more complex than the sum of its parts, inviting scrutiny into the nuances that led to its ultimate unraveling.

Becky Lynch, Bayley And Shayna Baszler Were In A Triple Threat

All Three Women Were Champions

The main event at Survivor Series 2019 showcased an extraordinary trio—Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler. Among them, Lynch and Bayley stand as two monumental figures who redefined the landscape of women’s wrestling, becoming pillars of the foundation of WWE’s women’s division.

Becky Lynch


Shayna Baszler

Grand Slam Champion Royal Rumble Winner WrestleMania Main Event Winner

First-Ever Grand Slam Champion Money In The Bank Winner Longest Reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion

2x NXT Women’s Champion 3x Women’s Tag Team

Survivor Series Was Headlined By The Women’s Faces Of RAW, SmackDown, And NXT

The Build To Survivor Series 2019

Survivor Series 2019 boasted a narrative woven with the threads of brand warfare, a tradition that had previously pitted Raw against SmackDown. However, this edition introduced a groundbreaking twist by incorporating NXT into the fold, expanding the battleground to a three-way clash of champions. This decision added an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the event. At the center of this cosmic collision were three remarkable women—Becky Lynch, the fiery representative of Raw; Bayley, the freshly-minted heel and SmackDown’s cunning champion; and Shayna Baszler, the indomitable force reigning over NXT.

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The story arc leading to Survivor Series was a tantalizing blend of contrasting personas, brand loyalty, and the clash of wrestling styles. Becky Lynch embodied the valiant hero defending Raw’s honor, Bayley reveled in her newfound dark side, and Shayna Baszler exuded dominance as the enigmatic leader of NXT’s women’s division. The stakes were high as the champions of each brand would face off in a triple threat match, with the honor of their respective brands hanging in the balance. However, despite the tantalizing buildup and the convergence of contrasting characters, the match itself failed to live up to the fervor and anticipation that had been meticulously cultivated.

Why Becky Lynch Vs Bayley Vs Shayna Baszler At Survivor Series Failed

The WWE Crowd Wasn’t Into It


The culmination of Survivor Series 2019’s main event, despite its promising premise, found itself mired in a series of factors that ultimately contributed to its perceived failure. Firstly, as the historic clash unfolded as the 10th match of the night, the audience, having witnessed a series of intense bouts, found themselves in a state of exhaustion. The cumulative effect of the preceding matches resulted in a weary crowd that struggled to summon the energy needed for genuine engagement. No matter the skill displayed by the women in the ring, the audience response remained tepid, setting an unfortunate backdrop for what should have been a historic main event. Secondly, Shayna Baszler’s victory, achieved by submitting Bayley, should have been a pivotal moment in her career. However, the lack of substantial follow-through in her subsequent main roster endeavors led to a considerable downturn in her momentum.

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In an effort to send the crowd home on a high note, WWE opted for Becky Lynch to attack Shayna Baszler post-match, positioning the beloved babyface as the last woman standing. While this decision may have aimed to provide a satisfying conclusion, it inadvertently undermined the potential momentum that Shayna Baszler and NXT could have gained from her victory. Finally, and most significantly, the wrong woman won the match. Even though the whole show and trope was about putting NXT over, this match was just not right for it because fans wanted Bayley to win. Despite Bayley’s compelling character work in the build of the match, her fresh heel persona that was the talk of the town, and being at the peak of her historic SmackDown Women’s title reign, the victory went to Shayna Baszler.

This unexpected outcome left fans disheartened, as the narrative failed to align with the organic groundswell of support for Bayley. The misjudgment in recognizing the audience’s desires and capitalizing on Bayley’s burgeoning stardom echoed a recurring theme in her career—WWE’s tendency to overlook her potential at critical junctures. In retrospect, a match between a babyface top champion in Becky Lynch and the intriguing new heel champion in Bayley with all the history between the two historic women should have been the one on one main event. Bayley could have defeated Becky in that match and perhaps risen to become one of the top heels the industry ever saw as she had the momentum for it at that time. Alas, WWE was too short-sighted to recognize the diamond in the rough.

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