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“How lucky to grow up next to a woman like you”

The news presenter Castilla-La Mancha Wake Up, Laura Izquierdo, He has starred with his mother in an emotional moment in the middle of a live interview.

At the La Fe Hospital in Valencia they have achieved a historic milestone: remove a tumor from a baby that was still gestating. The Castilla-La Mancha television program has interviewed several of the members of the team that carried out the intervention, but has especially highlighted the one they did to the doctor. Isabel Izquierdo, head of Neonatology at the hospital.

“We all congratulate you. It is certainly a medical advance to boast about and feel proud of of the professionals we have in public health,” said the presenter, who then surprised the doctor with her words.

“In my case, pride is double,” added Laura Izquierdo. “I hope they allow me, that they understand it, but Dr. Izquierdo is my mother,” the journalist revealed. “Mom, how lucky to grow up next to a woman like you,” has declared.

After wishing her a good guard and saying goodbye to her, the doctor responded to her daughter in a very loving way, blowing him a kiss from the other side of the screen. “Thank you very much, darling,” said the presenter’s mother.

Antonio de El Rocío in 'Kitchen Nightmare'.

The program account has shared the moment through its X profile. The video has already gone viral, reaching nearly 146,000 views, and Laura Izquierdo herself has left a comment: “Thank you for allowing me this moment. I love you, mom.”

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