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How Good Was Their Finisher

Some promoters weren’t fans of tag team wrestling from a financial standpoint, including former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. But tag team wrestling can be even more exciting than the hottest singles matches from time to time. Especially when it comes to the topic of finishing moves. Two guys can deliver a ton of damage to an opponent instead of one.


Every WWE Tag Team Championship Belt Design, Ranked Worst To Best

WWE has had several different belt designs for its Tag Team Championships. But which were the best, and which were worst?

This list is going by the recent “Top 50 Teams Ever” special WWE did recently. If they team (for example Edge and Christian) didn’t have a traditional finisher, you won’t find them on this list – even if they ranked higher than some of these other teams overall.

10 The Rockers’ Double Flying Fist

WWE’s Original Tag Team Specialists

  • The Rockers were ranked 14 on the Top 50 List.
  • Shawn and Marty were famously fired after working one night due to their reputation.
  • The Rockers defeated The Hart Foundation for the tag titles in a match that didn’t air.

From the moment The Rockers returned to the WWE after their first brief one-night run, Shawn and Marty lit the territory ablaze. Being smaller guys in The Golden Era, The Rockers were constantly moving throughout their matches. Their big finish was a double flying fist from the top rope. That might seem tame by today’s standards but a pair of fists to your face should put you out in 2024 as easily as the early nineties.

9 The New Day’s Midnight Hour

When The Midnight Hour Hits, That’s The Start Of A New Day

  • The New Day were ranked number 1 on The Top 50 List.
  • Across all three rosters, they are 12-time tag team champions.
  • Kofi Kingston is a 15-time tag champion with various partners and a Grand Slam champion.

On its own, The Big Ending looks silly as Big E takes the fully brunt of the move on his butt and somehow that knocks an opponent out. However, when paired up with either Kofi or Woods leaping into the opponent as the Big Ending gets delivered is a much different move altogether.


10 Wrestling Finishers (Shared Between Shocking Duos)

It’s hard to believe these shocking duos with different gimmicks and in-ring styles shared a finishing move, but it’s actually true.

The Midnight Hour is just one of the trio’s signature moves, but is the one that brought them to prominence, winning tag team gold.

8 The Undisputed Era / ReDragon’s Total Elimination

Technically Sound, Physically Devastating

  • The Undisputed Era were ranked 20 on the Top 50 List.
  • Fish And O’Reilly are one-time NXT tag team champions.
  • ECW’s Eliminators originated Total Elimination.

Debuting right after Drew McIntyre won the NXT Title at TakeOver: Brooklyn III, The Undisputed Era – NXT’s “Horsemen-like” faction – made their big debut. WWE fans were instantly introduced to Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, who Indy fans knew as ReDragon. In the ring, few teams have the technical prowess and MMA styles skills married so perfectly. The big finish for the team is reminiscent of that as they borrowed from The Eliminators’ Total Elimination.

7 The Hardy Boyz’ Twist Of Fate-Swanton Bomb Combination

Across The Multiverse Of Broken Madness

  • The Hardy Boyz are number 2 on the all time list.
  • They have won WCW, ROH, TNA, and WWE tag team gold.
  • The team and Lita at the height of their popularity did a photo shoot for Rolling Stone.

The Hardy Boyz started their careers so young that at nearly thirty years still in and Matt and Jeff aren’t even fifty years old yet! During their first WWE run, they were able to innovate with all sorts of unique moves, from Poetry In Motion to Matt Hardy’s Twist of Fate swinging neckbreaker to Jeff’s Swanton Bomb. When The Hardy Boyz were able to combine their wonderful finishes together, it generally spelled doom for their opponents.

6 Demolition’s Decapitation

The Duo Held The Record For Longest WWE Tag Team Title Reign Until 2016

  • Demolition is number 11 on the Top 50.
  • Ax was forced to retire after a very bad case of seafood poisoning.
  • Crush joined the team to make Demolition a trio.

As the story goes, when WWE couldn’t originally sign LOD, they worked on bringing Moondog Rex’s idea for Demolition to life. While Rex was too recognizable, Ax found Smash and the team was off and running. Unlike LOD, Ax and Smash could put on competitive matches.


9 Backstage Stories About WWE’s Demolition We Can’t Believe

A lot of backstage details about the legendary WWE tag team Demolition are not well known.

They’d still put their opponents away in similar fashion to their fellow brothers-in-paint would, and that’s painfully. Ax would deliver a backbreaker to their opponent and balance them on his knee, waiting for Smash to deliver a nasty elbow drop for the final blow.

5 The Steiner Brothers’ Top Rope Bulldog

If There Was A Way To Toss You, The Steiners Knew How

  • Rick and Scott are ranked 17 on the WWE Top 50.
  • After years of turmoil, the brothers were inducted in the 2022 Hall Of Fame.
  • Scott incredibly enough is credited with inventing the 450 Splash.

Both Rick and Scott Steiner were part of the amateur wrestling squad at University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and both Steiners excelled at launching their opponents all over the mat and the ring. They also got the opportunity to be innovative in the wrestling ring during their tag team career. While they won matches and titles a variety of ways, The Steiners biggest go was the Top Rope Bulldog – Scotty would hoist a hapless opponent up on his massive shoulders waiting for Rick to deliver a Bulldog from the top rope.

4 The Usos’ Splash

The Bloodline’s Greatest Tag Team

  • The Usos are ranked the seventh best team on the Top 50.
  • The Double Splash is in honor of Superfly Jimmy Snuka.
  • The Usos main evented WrestleMania 39 against Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.

There have certainly been bigger and more exciting looking big splashes to win matches, but the Uso Splash is the move devastating. Certainly, it’s the most consistent as The Usos have put down foes for nearly a decade on the way to becoming record-setting tag team champions. As for the last finisher they were using before they split up, The One And Done? More on that later.

3 Legion Of Doom’s Doomsday Device

Getting Decapitated And Dumped On Your Head Can’t Be Fun

  • The Road Warriors are ranked sixth of all time.
  • Hawk and Animal are the first major team be a major global attraction.
  • Along with Paul Ellering, The LOD joined The Hall Of Fame in 2011.

At the top of their game and more imposing, when journeymen saw their names next to Hawk and Animal on match cards, they contemplated running the other way. No one ever wanted to face the two devastating bruisers. You wouldn’t either when you realized you’d be pulverized for a few minutes before Animal lifted you unto his shoulders just so Hawk can nail you with a flying clothesline in an attempt to remove your head off your shoulders.

2 The Hart Foundation’s Hart Attack

Jim Neidhart’s Spinebuster Mixed With Bret Hart’s Clothesline Proved They Had Great Chemistry

  • The Pink And Black Attack were number 3 on the Top 50 list.
  • They were one of the first teams to combine technical prowess with raw power.
  • Bret and Natalya (representing her father) were enshrined in the 2019 Hall Of Fame.

Even still today, The Hart Foundation remain one of the most popular and influential tag teams of all time. Their finishing move – The Hart Attack – compliments the different attributes of the team perfectly.


Every Member Of The Hart Foundation, Ranked By Likability

The Hart Foundation is one of the best stables in WWE history, having had several versions over the years. Who is the group’s most likable member?

The Anvil hoists up an opponent ready to deliver a nasty spine buster. Meanwhile The Hitman bounces off the ropes with a big clothesline to excellently execute any and all opponents of the legendary tag team.

1 The Dudley Boyz’s Dudley Death Drop (3D)

Great Timing From Bubba Ray & D-Von Made This Move Look Great

  • The Dudley Boyz rank number 5 on the all time Top 50.
  • They are the most decorated tag team of all time.
  • No team ever except for the Motor City Machine Guns escaped the 3D.

There is no better definition of tag team perfection than The Dudley Death Drop (now known as the 1D – One And Done) in the WWE. No matter the promotion, the opponent, or the match it was just a known fact. If D-Von gets you up for a flapjack, Bubba Ray will come (sometimes “Outta Nowhere!”) to complete the move with a big cutter. The Hardys might have coined the phrase but it’s really the 3D that is pure poetry in motion.

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