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He sends nine police officers to the hospital and escapes from the police station by jumping the fence

“Very violent” and “of athletic build”. This is the description of the 26-year-old young man detained in Saragossa who starred in a “movie” leak when he escaped from the Actur police station at midnight this Monday by jumping over the fence and sending nine police officers nationals to the hospital for different injuries.

As reported by the Aragonese newspaper Heraldo, the man had been arrested by the agents after twelve at night in a nursing home in the Delicias neighborhood, where he had entered “visibly nervous” for reasons and intentions that are unknown.

It was the reception worker who called 091, as she had asked the young man to leave the facilities and he had refused. Upon seeing the agents, the detainee started to run through the hallways and was chased until he reached an interior patio where he confronted the police. “with kicks and punches” until they were able to subdue him and handcuff him. In this intervention, four officials were injured.

Three civil guards injured in El Burgo (Soria) when their vehicles were run over by the truck they were chasing.

The arrested person was taken in a patrol car to Provincial Hospitala journey that he took advantage of to “hit himself against the screen of the car.” At the health center he had to be reduced again “due to the aggressiveness he presented,” says Heraldo.

After receiving medical assistance, the agents took him to the Delicias police station. There, and as confirmed by police sources, reassembled a altercation and attack the police officers who were guarding him. He threw one to the ground after giving him a headbutt in the jaw and bit him on the finger thumb.

Actur leak

After this new incident, the young man was taken to a cell at the Actur police station, where the Central Inspection of Detainees is located. When the time came to take him out to carry out the corresponding procedures, the detainee pushed to the three officials who accompanied him and he ran away from the police building jumping the fence that surrounds it.

The arrested man managed to reach the street despite several officers leaving behind him. He didn’t stop and finish grabbing a passerby by the neck, as police sources have confirmed to the Herald. Finally, the police managed to catch up with him on the same avenue.

El Heraldo has indicated that the young man will probably be brought to justice this Tuesday as the author of, at least, nine crimes of attackresistance to authority and injuries.

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