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“He paid for dinner for my partner and me”

The concert in Madrid of Rauw Alejandro Last week he made people talk not only because of his performance, but also because of the Puerto Rican’s actions in the capital.

As reported SocialiteAfter the show last Thursday, he went out to dinner at a well-known restaurant and There he “flirted” with two girls who were at a nearby table. “She asked one of her team to approach one of them and ask her about her Instagram,” they revealed.

Now, one of the protagonists of the meeting, Ana, has revealed all the details in a TikTok video, where denies that there was any romantic motive behind of the meeting.

As he explained, he was in a place that mixes dinner with a nightclub with his girlfriend for her birthday. They were dancing and, after returning from smoking, the waiter informed them that their bill had been paid.

“It was a boy with a hood and colored glasses with five other boys”he recalled, ensuring that they had not recognized him: “We told the waiter to bring him a glass of wine as a thank you.”

A situation that I had described as is Socialite. However, “that’s it,” Ana has made clear. “They said he wanted to flirt with us, but it’s not real. It’s absurd”has declared.

“We would amuse him and he wanted to make a gesture and that’s it”he concluded, wishing to thank Rauw for the dinner: “This doesn’t happen to everyone.”

However, many have not accepted his story. In her comments they pointed out that “even if she didn’t feel that way”, there were clearly other reasons for inviting. “If he pays you the bill, it’s because he wants to flirt”many have said.

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