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“He never played football, only FIFA”

They say that money does not bring complete happiness, but it is capable of causing all kinds of situations. The latest and surreal case has occurred in the Czech Republic, a place where A businessman has paid a total of 20,000 euros for his son to debut in the third division with FK Ústí nad Labem.

The father of Martin Podhajsky, 22 years old, had the brilliant idea of ​​paying a total of 500 thousand Czech crowns, about 20,000 euros, for his son to touch a soccer ball for the first time: “He never played football, only FIFA on some console”, added Premysl Kuban, president of the team. According to the BBC, the player is already registered with the Czech Football Federation and will begin training with his new club.

Likewise, Kuban stressed that this offer was irrefutable, since “you don’t see that amount of money arrive every day”: “If someone offers me all this, I will let anyone join”, he added. The agreement between both parties specifies that the young man will have to enter the field with ten minutes left in the match to replace Meres, the club captain. “When a game goes 3-0, we will put him on the attack for ten minutes, he will be a substitute for Mares”explained the president.

However, according to ESPN, Martin knew the club’s owner firsthand: supposedly, he is your boss within the company They travelwhere The brand new signing from FK Ústí nad Labem takes care of everything related to the company’s hostesses.

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