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He murders his boss and two colleagues and barricades himself with two hostages after being fired from a shipping company in Greece

A 76 year old man recently fired of a Greek shipping company this Monday broke into the company’s headquarters in the town of Glyfada, in the south of Athensand has killed the owner, a co-owner and a former captain. The aggressor also died after a police operation that allowed two hostages to be released.

“A worker from a Glifada shipping company was inside the facilities and there was a shooting incident“, the Greek Police reported, according to the radio station Athina 9.84.

The man, of Egyptian origin, broke into the building with a riflekilled the three victims on the first floor and then he barricaded himself with two hostages. The Police carried out an intervention and managed to free the hostages.

A woman, along with a small child, is involved in a shooting inside a church in Houston.

The attacker was located in a basement warehouse from the building mortally wounded with the gun at his side. A revolver was located in the vehicle in which he arrived.

The Department of Crimes against Life and Personal Liberty of the Security Directorate of the Attica region has opened an investigation.

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