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Gunther Still Wants Dream Match With Brock Lesnar

  • Brock Lesnar Tall

    brock lesnar


    Webster, South Dakota, USA

    Brock Edward Lesnar

    6 feet 3 inches

    286 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WWE Championship (x7), Universal Championship (x3), IWGP Heavyweight Championship

    F5, Kimura Lock


    Notable Rivals:
    John Cena, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, kurt angle

    Notable Allies:
    Paul Heyman

    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:


  • Gunther still eager to face Brock Lesnar despite recent setbacks.
  • Lesnar’s future in WWE uncertain, but not ruled out entirely.
  • Possibility of dream match between the two wrestlers still lingers.

The dream match of Gunther facing Brock Lesnar might seem less likely to happen than ever before at the moment, but the Ring General hasn’t given up hope on being able to tame the Beast Incarnate.

Gunther Still Wants To Face Brock Lesnar

Ever since Gunther began dominating in WWE, fans have been speculating about the encounter taking place. It’s something the former Intercontinental Champion himself has been vocal about, which has intensified the talk surrounding it, but WWE never opted to book the match.

It was heavily rumored that the two men were going to collide at WWE WrestleMania 40 earlier this year, which is something Gunther admitted he heard himself. But when Lesnar was quietly removed from all of WWE’s plans due to his alleged involvement in the Janel Grant case, plans were changed.


WWE Source Claims There Has Been “No Movement” Made To Bring Brock Lesnar Back

Doesn’t look like Brock Lesnar will be back for WrestleMania 40 after all.

Lesnar hasn’t been seen since that lawsuit was dropped, which led to most fans giving up on the idea of this match ever happening. But that’s not the case as far as Gunther is concerned, as he told the Daily Mail.

“I always saw Brock as my final boss. I always get portrayed as that, as the NXT UK Champion, the Intercontinental Champion, I was like the final boss of that division, and Brock, for a long time, was the final boss of the whole company. So I always saw myself in my future to be in a similar position to him, and to be that you’ve got to get in the ring with that guy. We’ll see if there’s a chance for it to happen again. I’m more than up for it. How the situation is exactly right now, I’m really not that informed about it, to be honest. I think we had that one face off in the Royal Rumble, the reaction that was there and that was a confirmation for me.”

Could The Encounter Still Happen?

Lesnar remains under contract with WWE, meaning the company has the option to plug him back in at any point. But he hasn’t competed since WWE SummerSlam last year when he was defeated by Cody Rhodes. Since then his name has been brought up in a negative light, which is something the company is actively looking to avoid.

He was removed as a playable character in WWE 2K24, with his image being removed from the cover art as well. They were further signs that his future was bleak, but Paul Heyman did name-drop him several times during his WWE Hall Of Fame speech to positive reactions.

Triple H has since made it publicly clear that Lesnar is not gone from WWE and is simply at home. Therefore, the possibility of him returning for a dream match with Gunther does technically remain on the cards.

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